Welcome to Indy's Largest School...And Still Growing!


Sarkine’s Total Warrior has been home to thousands for over 30 years. We offer a GREAT curriculum and feature a unique teaching method that demystifies the experience and makes learning FUN, SAFE and EXCITING!

Our instructors keep you motivated with high-energy classes and maintain a personal one-on-one approach. They’ll guide you thru every phase of your development ensuring your success.


Modern Martial Arts - Old School Values! TM


WE'RE NOT LIKE THE OTHER GUYS - You know the places, Dojo Dungeons: dirty, foul-smelling and filled with negative attitudes and judgment.   We believe in Respect and Teamwork for All.  No Punks    No Thugs  No Worries  

Our custom-built schools feature exciting and inspiring atmospheres.  They're cleaned daily and are spacious, bright, and airy. We offer top-of-the-line bags, equipment, flooring and rings.      



Our one-of-a-kind Martial Arts programs

Will provide life-changing benefits, both physical and mental. We strive to empower our students with new abilities and confidence which will transform their lives!

Whether you’re a youngster needing confidence or an Adult wanting to get lean, strong and empowered, Sarkine’s Total Warrior is the best choice!  


In fact,

There are no other schools like Sarkine’s Total Warrior anywhere. Our approach is proven and after you've experienced our classes and professional instruction for yourself, you'll be a believer! 

Explore our site to discover our different programs and let your adventure begin.