Our Martial Arts Training will burn Fat, build Muscle and Shred inches!  You’ll become lean, strong and enjoy a new energy level. In addition, you’ll learn effective Self-Defense and make new friends.

Our instructors inspire and encourage you and in each class you'll relieve stress and built up tension. Students say training with us is like having a mini-vacation. 



Modern Martial Arts - Old School Values! TM


WE'RE NOT LIKE THE OTHER GUYS - You know the places, Dojo Dungeons: dirty, foul-smelling and filled with negative attitudes and judgment. Our custom-built schools feature exciting and inspiring atmospheres.  They're cleaned daily and are spacious, bright, and airy. We offer top-of-the-line bags, equipment, flooring and rings.  

We believe in Respect and Teamwork for All                          No Punks    No Thugs    No Worries






Our training develops a strong mind, body and spirit. We help you become your best. It's never too late, we’ve helped countless students achieve goals they never dreamed possible.  Our friendly instructors are professionally trained, experienced and provide the personal attention you'll need.