Children who are insecure, withdrawn and uncomfortable around new situations often will develop a negative self-image. This can follow them thru adolescence into adulthood creating a lifetime of problems.  The longer these problems persist the harder it can be to address them.


The importance of Confidence

Confident children don't suffer with self-doubt and insecurity. They enjoy their family, activities and lives. They aren't scared to meet new people and try new things and are willing to engage life fully.

It can seem like just a blink of an eye and our kids are grown. When you bring your Child to our Martial Arts program you'll provide them with a positive, structured atmosphere where they will develop a 'Never Give Up' spirit and a deep confidence they'll need throughout their lives.



A confident child is a happy child.

Sarkine’s Total Warrior Kids programs will help a child believe in themselves. We teach children to set and achieve goals. This helps them learn to become an achiever.  We also help them understand failure from time to time is to be expected, and we ALL have to deal with setbacks. We teach kids work ethic and a positive Mental Attitude can open the world’s possibilities.


Our Approach

Sarkine’s Total Warrior believes in Mind and Body development.  Our program helps youngsters reach their potential and become self-assured, calm and peaceful. They learn self-control, discipline, patience and develop a new athleticism. 

Our students learn success comes from persistence and tenacity - just like life! Martial Arts is an individual pursuit, success is not tied to winning or losing or being on the ‘right’ team. We prepare youngsters for a life's challenges and they love learning Martial Arts!  



Attitude is Everything

We stress a positive and enthusiastic attitude.  We believe confidence and a positive Attitude go hand-in-hand. There cannot be one without the other. 

Children with a cheerful, positive ‘can-do’ attitude are appreciated and noticed. This is the beginning of building a 'leader'.



No Worries

Some kids can be shy about their first class.  Our instructors are experienced and professional and will help them enjoy their training. Our classes are Fun and children make friends and bond with others in a nurturing atmosphere.

Our Chief Instructor started training at age 5.  He understands both the child’s viewpoint and the adults.  Our instructors are highly skilled Martial Artist, great communicators and are trained to be encouraging and empathetic with ALL students, especially children.




A child's ability to defend themselves is also a vital component of becoming confident.  Everyday they interact with other kids who may be domineering and mean-spirited.  While you’ll appreciate the mental and physical changes greatly,  you’ll find the self-defense skills may prove useful as well.



The ‘right’ time?

Allowing to much time to pass may unintentionally reinforce the negative habits we want to change. NOW is the time to improve your child's outlook, attitude and life. 


Our Martial Arts program really  is.....

“The gift that last a lifetime”