Martial Arts is a great way for a child to learn SELF-DISCIPLINE. 

At Sarkine's Total Warrior we strive for lasting change....In our School Kids learn discipline is simply self-control, and thoughtful self-guidance.
The difference
A good Martial Artist takes pride in themselves and will give their best in all situations. To teach this requires a combination of Attitude, Focus, Determination and Confidence.  Our Proprietary Martial Arts program specializes in this approach.
A youngster with self-discipline develops better study habits, work ethic and emotional control. Self-Discipline becomes an unseen force helping (those who have it) achieve great success. Those with self-discipline can apply themselves with an ease others don’t have.  

 Over a lifetime, the Discipline that Sarkine’s Total Warrior instills gives our students an incredible advantage.


 Kids love our program.  

Our Martial Arts classes help students find comfort with structure and they begin to enjoy and Love our disciplined atmosphere. Self-Discipline in our school can lead to Self-Discipline everywhere. With new self-discipline kids naturally start to apply themselves with a new effort and their grades, behavior and attitude will start to improve.   

Our goal for every child
We want our students to be unstoppable.  We strive for every student to not only become their personal best....but to also to become strong independent leaders.  The sooner a child develops self-discipline and confidence the sooner he becomes immune to negative peer pressure and the faster they will reach their potential.