The gym will fail you.

Studies show most gym memberships expire with the member having attended less than 20 times. It's hard to accomplish anything when you're not participating.


With Sarkine’s Total Warrior

You’ll be studying Martial Arts in a Modern innovative way. Classes are interesting and Fun and you won’t realize how hard you’re working. Our students never ‘exercise’ - they’re excited to TRAIN.



Professionally trained Instructors.  

Our instructors will provide the instruction, personal attention, and encouragement you'll need. They'll guide you through all aspects of your training including nutrition.

With each class you'll burn 800-1000 calories, build muscle, develop your flexibility and coordination while at the same time learning valuable skills.





It’s easy to achieve results when you’re consistent. It’s easy to be consistent when you’re having FUN. We are a Real Martial Arts School - Camaraderie and positivity will surround you.

With our exciting atmosphere you're sure to have a good time!


Our instructors know how to get you into great shape - Fighting Shape.  

They have experience helping our competitors cut weight and get ripped. They know the best methods to build strength and stamina and how to ‘cycle’ the training for best results.

Soon you'll have a new energy, better confidence and will be ready for better fitting clothes. Your friends and family will notice how fit you’ve become. But this is just the beginning. 


It's impossible to 'outwork' our training

Sometimes you’ll want to maintain your current condition and other times you may want want to ‘push it’. If your progress slows, our Instructors know how to help you past any sticking points.

Your Instructors will work with you to achieve your goals. Whether you want to be totally ripped or just healthy and proud, you’ll be successful with our help.



We specialize in Beginners

You don't need previous experience!    You bring the desire, we'll supply the motivation, instruction and FUN.  






Your self-image affects every aspect of your life. Your career, health and relationships are all affected by how you feel about yourself.

Martial Arts helps you become a more powerful, confident and stress-free person. Normal exercise does little to develop your mind.


A healthy body is vital, but it’s also important your mind and body work together.

Martial Arts develop focus and concentration. During training you’ll leave your problems aside and enjoy a meditative quality. In today’s hectic and stress-filled world our Martial Arts class provides a peace of mind!  


We don’t ask you to dedicate your entire life to Sarkine’s Total Warrior, but if you can dedicate a couple hours a week, you'll be amazed how much more fulfilled and happy you can be.




Many have participated in sports,  but few will claim sports changed their lives. Oftentimes sports are better at exposing inadequacies than improving them.

Sarkine’s Total Warrior believes in Mind and Body.  Other activities may improve your fitness physically….for a while. But only Sarkine’s Total Warrior will improve you physically and mentally, improving the quality of your entire life!

The lessons you learn and the skills you develop in Martial Arts will benefit you throughout your life.