Our Kickboxing is authentic. Unlike kickboxing at a gym, we’ll teach you correct and effective techniques. You'll learn the same punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes our Champions use to win titles.

Our Instructors will show you proper technique and how to train without injuring yourself. 


YOU don't have to BE a Fighter to TRAIN like one! 


There has been many studies proving HIT (high intensity interval training) is the fastest and most efficient way to shape up. We’ve always trained that way!  

In our classes you’ll be working every muscle group from head to toe and burning 800-1200 calories per session. Your flexibility and coordination will improve and you’ll achieve a flat belly and toned core.  


Nothing else comes close!







Sarkine’s Total Warrior Kickboxing builds muscle and burns fat. You’ll gain new energy and find yourself more relaxed and confident.

You’ll be amazed how quickly results will come. While getting into the best shape of your life you’ll also be learning REAL self-defense and because you’re having FUN, it never feels like exercise!  


Our instructors encourage and motivate you - helping you to achieve the body of your Dreams!


Your current condition doesn't matter: we'll utilize our step-by-step approach to get you started and make  your training FUN.

And unlike training at a gym, our Kickboxing classes are progressive, not the same session time after time. When you’re ready for more, we have a new level for you!




Perhaps you don't need motivation, guidance, encouragement and REAL Self-Defense training ...But what about saving TIME?  You would need several visits to a gym to duplicate just one of our classes.

With Sarkine's Total Warrior Kickboxing you’ll gain strength, build stamina, develop flexibility and coordination, tone and shape legs and arms and strengthen your core all in the same hour! 


Unlike sports, our Kickboxing training has no downtime. No waiting around and no lulls. You’ll be mentally engaged and physically working from beginning to end.


You'll develop a new athleticism and find a symmetry in motion you never had before. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and proud of yourself.





When it's time to shape up, it's time to train with us! We’ve been helping students achieve their dreams for decades and our approach and methods are proven successful. Once you get started you’ll understand why so many students stay year-after-year.

With our Kickboxing training you’ll become proud and strong and feel focused and powerful.

Once you begin, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.