Ray, A quick thanks to you and your staff for all that you have done for my son, Nick. His overall physical conditioning has greatly improved. My wife and I can’t say enough about how you and the staff have also helped him become more focused, more disciplined more responsible and more appreciative. We have seen such a drastic improvement in so many areas of his life. It has been wonderful to watch. I look forward to having you work with my youngest daughter soon. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Avon Indiana



Savannah being here at the school has drastically changed her... she's becoming a more confident and secure person.  Training here has improved her balance and motor skills.  She has learned so much…She is learning how to stick up for herself and not let kids bully her.

Mother of Savannah (9 years old)




Our focus with Children is to develop a NEVER GIVE UP spirit and instill SELF-discipline. We build strong and confident leaders. Our classes teach respect, patience and how to set and achieve goals. Martial Arts help kids focus and develop self-control. Training with Sarkine's Total Warrior will give youngsters pride and a sense of accomplishment.