For over 30 years Sarkine’s Total Warrior has been THE choice for Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, Jui-Jitsu, Aikido, Weapons and Martial Arts. They come for the one-of-a-kind curriculum, professional instruction,  great schedules and inspiring atmospheres.  But these are only some of the many reasons our students keep coming back year after year.

In fact, we often teach the children of students whom we trained when they were just kids. 


Gyms offer imitations. The latest, greatest exercise fads one after another.  Others try to copy us. We’ve seen them all come and go.  We have remained.  And while anyone can imitate there is only one tried and true success….Sarkine’s Total Warrior.




Each Sarkine’s Total Warrior instructor are experienced and highly trained professionals: In addition to being accomplished Martial Artist, (most are Multiple Championship Belt Winners) they train regularly with Chief Instructor Ray Sarkine to continue improving and learning how to communicate and teach our one-of-a-kind curriculum.

They are proud to be Martial Artist, active in charity work and strive to bring positivity to their community. Our Instructors have faith in the program they teach because they too were students of Ray Sarkine.  They know our program works and our excited to share it with others.





No other training is like ours.

You’ll work every muscle in your body. Many students lose a FOOT of inches in the first 8 weeks!  Besides burning fat you will build muscle and strengthen your core. Martial Arts will greatly improve your flexibility and your coordination. You’ll become a better Athlete than ever before.


Many personal fitness trainers and former Cross- trainers now come to us to achieve their fitness.

They want to achieve that symmetrical and muscled physique fighters are famous for.  If you’re going to be training anyway, why not lean the authentic form from the best instructors, in an inspiring and dedicated atmosphere.




Our instructors value their students. They want every student to achieve their goals and become excellent Martial Artist. The best way to accomplish this is to ensure students ENJOY their training.  Our classes are high-energy, interesting and motivational. 


You have choices.

But, what other exercise program can teach you life saving skills? If you want an activity that will impact your entire life and make you strong both in body and in mind, you need Sarkine’s Total Warrior. Our training can transform your life.