Modern Martial Arts


At Sarkine’s Total Warrior you’ll learn the same skills featured in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Striking from Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Karate along with the submissions, grappling and throws from Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo and Wrestling.



MMA is a thrilling SPORT

A one-on-one contest featuring the same sized unarmed opponents inside a padded ring with extensive rules. There are cornerman, referees and judges to control the action and ensure a degree of safety.


Despite the shared Martial Arts techniques, A sport isn’t the same as REAL self-defense. In a Real Self-Defense situation the Attackers are usually bigger, stronger and possibly armed. We may need to defend against Multiple attackers (estimates are 40% of attacks are multiple opponents) or protect a spouse or child while at the same time, defending ourselves!



How you train IS how you react

Unlike a contest, in real life self-defense there's NO tapping out and trying it another time. If you prepare for a sport you may be (unintentionally) training yourself to do the WRONG thing in a real life situation.

We concentrate on self-defense first.  We strive to prepare our students for ANY situation. Students say our training is like John Wick meets Ong-bak!



 Old School Values



Unlike typical MMA gyms

You needn’t  lose part of your eyebrow or have a cauliflower ear to train with us.  We don’t pit students against one another in every class. We believe in RESPECT, CONTROL and TEAMWORK!