Modern Martial Arts


At Sarkine’s Total Warrior you’ll learn many of the same skills featured in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS.


MMA is a thrilling SPORT

A one-on-one contest featuring the same sized, unarmed opponents inside a padded ring with extensive rules. There are cornerman, referees and judges to control the action and ensure a degree of safety.

Despite the shared Martial Arts techniques, A sport isn’t the same as a real life self-defense situation. In Real situations our Attackers are often bigger, stronger and could be armed. We may need to defend against Multiple attackers (estimates are 40% of attacks are multiple opponents) or protect a spouse or child while at the same time, defending ourselves.  

Unlike a sport, in real life there's NO tapping out and trying it another time.

If you prepare only for a sport you may (unintentionally) be training yourself to react wrong for a real life situation.

We concentrate on self-defense first.  We strive to prepare our students for ANY situation.  While many of our students compete with great success, they are taught what works for real self-defense before they adjust for a one-on-one sport contest.


 Old School Values



Unlike typical gyms

You needn’t  lose part of your eyebrow or have a cauliflower ear to train with us.  We don’t pit students against one another with every class. We believe in RESPECT, CONTROL and TEAMWORK!