Muay Thai started when wars were fought with bows and arrows, swords, and pikes. And in hand-to-hand combat arms, legs, knees, and elbows were also used as weapons.

 The development of Muay Thai saw the transformation of the human body into a multifaceted weapon: The shin became the staff of the pike, used to block and strike. The arms became the raised twin swords of defense. The fist functioned as the jabbing tip of the spear. The elbow developed into the battle-axe, used to smash and to crush. The knee too was used to axe its way through enemy's defenses. The flashing foot became the pike, arrow, and knife.

As each part of the body became a weapon unto itself, a new close-combat fighting skill was born.  Often called the art of eight weapons, Practitioners of Muay Thai learn Punching, Kicking, Elbowing, Kneeing, and upright grappling!


Since its initial development, Muay Thai has changed in many ways.  Today's "sport Muay Thai" varies from the original art and now uses gloves and a ring similar to those found in boxing.  It is now a modern sport, rather than a battlefield skill. But in its heart are carried old traditions and an ancient fighting spirit.

Traditional Muay Thai has a long history in Thailand as a martial art used by the military and is the national sport of Thailand. It is widely considered to be the most realistic and practical self-defense Art. 






Ray Sarkine our Chief Instructor was one of the very first to bring Muay Thai to Indiana. He taught the first accredited course in Muay Thai at a top 10 university and serves as the president of the World Muay Thai League.

Having taught Muay Thai for decades Ray has developed his own unique methods for teaching and competing. He has been training champions since the late 1980’s and has produced more champions than any other instructor (or all combined) in the region. His approach is proven successful and he has coached the winningest fight teams in state history.



Our Muay Thai training is for ALL.

Most students will not compete. They're here for a fun and intense workout that pushes them to their limits. And to learn a fascinating and powerfully effective Martial Art. 



The Real Deal

Our school has the true pedigree, exciting atmosphere and the quality Instruction which is needed to help you reach your potential and get you into 'Fighting' shape. Sarkine’s Total Warrior are dedicated Martial Arts schools.  We have the equipment and facilities to make training fun, safe and exciting. You’ll love our custom built schools and positive atmosphere.

Our instructors inspire you to train hard and achieve goals you never before dreamed possible.



Muay Thai and You

Come for the Self-Defense and Fitness. Stay because you realize Muay Thai will transform your life. A new confidence and strength will empower you. Your power both internally and physically will skyrocket.

Regardless of your individual goals you will benefit from being involved with the very best system and the best instructors. 

We believe in a "TEAM" approach, you’ll love the camaraderie of training with like-minded students who practice RESPECT and CONTROL.

 Our Muay Thai students learn effective self-defense and get into unbelievably great shape.  We believe as do many others, our Muay Thai program is the best in the U.S.