Our proprietary Martial Arts program provides life-changing benefits, both physical and mental.


Training with us will not only get you into excellent physical shape but you’ll also become more confident, relaxed and stress free.  

Our instructors keep you motivated with fun, interesting classes and maintain a personalized one-on-one approach. They’ll guide you thru every phase of training including nutrition.

With our support you'll achieve your goals and reach your full potential.



Sarkine’s Total Warrior instructors are highly trained


Our Professional instructors have many years of training. Most have won multiple Championships.  Martial Arts is their career and passion.

They train regularly with our Chief Instructor Ray Sarkine to improve their skills and pride themselves on being able to skillfully demonstrate and patiently teach with clarity and enthusiasm.


There are other activities to choose from, BUT nothing else can compare to Sarkine’s Total Warrior.