Our Adult program teaches students from all walks of life

Nurses, Construction Managers, College Students, Teachers, Bankers, Police Officers, Skilled Laborers and more.  Encouraging instructors, exciting classes and a NON-JUDGMENTAL ATMOSPHERE are only some of the reasons we have many female students (50% on average).  


Our Training isn't just for the 20's and 30 somethings.

We have a successful over 40 crowd too.  They're attracted to our step-by-step approach, supportive instructors and focus on smart and safe training. Aging may be inevitable: but with our classes you'll regain muscle, improve flexibility and build energy. You'll feel (and look) better than you have in years. 


Our program changes lives for the better:  We help students dramatically shape-up and become more relaxed, stress-free and confident.  And while those qualities have a huge impact, they are just a few of the many benefits that help transform our students lives.  If you need to take charge of your future and get more out of life...join us and let the adventure begin!