Get off the Hamster-Wheel


Gyms are so boring.

A quick look around the gym and you'll notice everyone’s watching TV or on their phone. Many don’t know which exercises to do or  how to do them and they've no idea what actually gets results. Many roam about like exercise zombies: bored, frustrated and within weeks they quit altogether.  


What's the gym sure to provide?  Judgmental looks, egocentric attitudes and feeling 'on display'.  



If your not mentally engaged.... it's near impossible to achieve results. And if you're lucky enough to lose a few pounds, they don't stay off!  Do you want to shape-up just once, or do you want to stay fit?  




  We offer a solution, not a temporary fix. 


With Sarkine’s Total Warrior you’ll be part of a TEAM.

We handle the motivation and will guide you thru training you’ll enjoy.  Our instructors encourage and support your efforts. When you train with us time will fly by and by class ends you’ll of had so much fun you won’t realize how hard you’ve been training.


  A Full-Body workout.

 Every class will burn fat, build muscle and shred inches!  You'll get strong legs, toned abs and build a lean muscled physique.  And while getting into fantastic shape you’ll be learning practical Self-Defense skills that last a lifetime.



Our training is Authentic.

We teach you proper techniques, the same skills our Champions use to win Title belts.  And we know how to train  safely. Training with us is Fun and Motivational and our instructors keep you progressing. You will be learning, growing and wanting more.  No matter your current condition, our step-by-step method will ensure your results. 



If you're going to be kickboxing either way….

Why not learn the ‘RIGHT’ way?  If you’re kickboxing at a gym the quality of instruction is questionable at best. And in a gym there is no progression, you'll soon get bored doing the same class over and over and quit - not realizing you were never really learning a Martial were just doing a version of aerobics.


Hopefully, you’ll never need Self-Defense. But if you do, you’ll know choosing Sarkine’s Total Warrior was the smartest thing you ever did. With our decades of experience and history of champions you can be confident you’re receiving quality instruction. 


Our students train to achieve a new fit body, develop solid self-defense skills and gain a calm confident outlook on life.  Only a small percentage of students choose to compete.  So, unless you want full-contact, you can learn authentic skills, train safely and have fun without the black eye!  Why settle for less?