New Student Stages

The typical new student goes thru several stages:

1. Total disbelief our program is really so effective.

2. Visiting, learning more and reluctantly understanding.

3. Taking a leap of faith and trying our beginner program.

4. Being highly impressed with results and sticking with us.

5. Becoming a enthusiast and trying to persuade friends.

6. Being ignored and ridiculed by the friends who think you’ve lost your mind.

7. After training with us your friends admire your great shape.

8. You telling them (again) how much fun and effective it is.

9. Those friends reluctantly trying our class for themselves. Then the above cycle repeats from point 5 down.


You Have to Try it for YOURSELF




5 Star Google Review
For Daciell in the Kid's Muay Thai Class

My 11 year old son has been attending this gym for 7 months, and he has become more disciplined and confident. Ray and James are very professional; I totally recommend this gym it's the best place to become a warrior.




5 Star Google Review
I've been a member of the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for over a year at this point and I can absolutely speak to the ways that the training we receive has improved my health - mentally as well as physically. I was new to town when I joined and one of the best parts was immediately being welcomed into such a strong community. It's really great to show up to a workout where people are stoked and committed to being there! Ray, James, and Stephanie are supportive, encouraging, and more than willing to work with you - I'm nursing an injury right now, but am still able to train because they've helped me to modify the drills as needed. If you're motivated to invest in yourself and know you can commit, definitely consider joining!




5 Star Google Review
I've been attending the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for a little over 3 years now. With that being said I have really enjoyed growing as a person and a martial artist. The atmosphere, knowledge and how they teach is second to none. And its nice to train in their state-of-the-art facility ,I would definitely recommend the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club to anyone who wants to get in shape, learn about life skills ,and become a martial artist!!!



5 Star Google Review
For Zayne in the LiL Warriors Class

I enrolled my 4 year old grandson in this program at Indianapolis Martial Arts 9 months ago. My main objective for taking him there was to expose him to positive male role models. Unfortunately my grandson’s father is not active in his life and I don’t want him to be a statistic. Ray and James have worked with him and they understand that all children need structure, rules, and guidance. They help the children to understand responsibility and respect. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my grandson’s behavior and understanding of “responsibility”. He enjoys and looks forward going to class 2 times a week. I am confident that when he starts school next fall he will be prepared and focused in class! My grandson has progressed and been promoted 2 times in the last 9 months and he takes great pride in his accomplishments in class. We are looking forward to learning more, making new friends, growing up, and NOT being a statistic!!!!



5 Star Google Review
Joining Indianapolis martial arts club has been one of the greatest decisions I've made. I've been a member since October of 2016. I've been an athlete my entire life and ever since that ended I have needed and wanted something that could provide me with the discipline and the adrenaline rush I so needed and have been so used to since my college athletics days. Since day one the instructors and other students have welcomed me and have shown me how much they care about making their students better. It is not your typical workout. Every single day is something different and it challenges you both mentally and physically. It will make you a better person in everything you do in life from your job, home, and social life. I have been fortunate enough to experience this and I recommend it to anyone thinking about something like this.



5 Star Google Review
I originally joined IMAC in 2008. I was 18 years old and my doctor had just dropped the bomb that I was officially "obese." Not knowing what to do, I began searching for something fitness related that wouldn't make me feel like a hamster on a wheel; I found Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. It was/is a workout that is both physically challenging and fun. I had to end my membership after the first year, because I went out of state for school, but I always remembered strenuous but enjoyable workouts. June of 2016 I joined once again, this time my Mom did too. We've been learning Muay Thai together in a way that strengthens our relationship and our muscles! Ray, James, and Stephanie are full of encouraging advice on how to improve your form and get strong. They're constantly challenging you to be better than you were before, and you will receive a lot of personal attention for improvement. It's not just a workout, its learning a SKILL, and they've studied it for years. My advice would be to give it a try, but understand your budget. Quality education requires a time commitment and a financial commitment. Make sure you're ready for both, and have fun.


5 Star Google Review
As an extremely busy full-time student I look forward to the nights I can go to the gym, it is the perfect get-away. For that hour of training I can decompress and relieve the stress of the day. I have been training here for a year and a half and throughout that time the workouts have stayed challenging and fun. The ADHD in me appreciates the fact that I am never done learning here, there is always something new to keep my attention. Speaking of attention, often times during the workout you are concentrating so hard you may not realize how hard you are working physically. I have been an athlete my entire life and no sport can compare to muay-thai in intensity. Despite this, the staff couldn't be more kind and approachable. All are extremely knowledgeable with real fight experience. I highly recommend this gym to anyone. I plan on staying here for as long as possible because I not only grow as a fighter, but a person as well.


5 Star Google Review
I joined the IMAC about a year and half and it has been the best decision ever. The staff are great, safety is always their number one concern. Ray and his staff no only they want you to be a all around fighter but also they teach about discipline, respect, focus and commitment, these are the things that I apply on my daily routine. I want to thanks Ray and his staff for all the hard work they put in to training me.



I grew up in Kokomo and moved to Indianapolis in 2000. I am 51 years old. I am a Special Investigator in a Fortune 500 Insurance Company. I sniff out fraud and abuse. Currently I’m studying to gain my Certified Fraud Examiner licence.
When I'm not working I can normally be found outside someplace...caving, hiking, skydiving, kayaking. Although active, most of the things I was doing no longer challenged me and often were accomplished just through 'muscle memory'. I was looking for something to challenge me with discipline and fun. I wasn't in horrible shape...but the "muffin top" had certainly appeared and I wanted to do something about that. I have other friends who train in various methods of Martial Arts so I decided to explore that and it brought me (Sarkine’s Total Warrior) here.
Over the course of the four months I've been training here (Sarkine s Total Warrior) I’ve lost 20 lbs. I have more stamina and my upper body strength...something I despaired of ever really having, has increased dramatically.
Let's face is stressful! I can come in to the school frustrated, mad, sad....doesn't matter. Once I hit those mats and start focusing on drills and form...I start to relax. By the time class is finished, I am de-stressed. It's almost like a physical weight has lifted and I ride that feeling the rest of the night. It's helped so much that I drill on my own at home on days I don't have class and I reap the benefit of that as well.
I knew nothing about this discipline and so I just decided I'd show up and start working on it and that eventually I'd get it. And that's exactly what happens! I started out feeling so was hard! But I just kept pushing myself along. I'm not the most graceful person but I can laugh at myself and that easy attitude is important when you are taking on something you've never done. I didn't expect to be good at it...I wasn't good at it. But I kept trying and now I feel like I actually have learned and will continue to push myself and keep learning. It's hard but it's so much fun and the benefits are awesome!
The instructors push you to be your own best...not to be better than the person next to you who is 20 years younger. The other students are all great too and I enjoy seeing them every time I come to class.
I’ve developed a sense of accomplishment and confidence that yes...even at 51 I can do this! I've shaped up and de-stressed...I'm learning skills that might be useful if I ever need to defend myself! And there are other dividends...for instance: I was in line at a store when the older, and larger gentleman in front of me suddenly slipped and fell back toward me. I was able to step back quickly and catch him and keep him from hitting the floor. I could never have caught this larger man this time last year!
What's that line from Finding Nemo? "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming." My mantra is now "Just keep punching. Just keep kicking." lol I plan to continue to push myself and see just how much I can improve over time.
It doesn't matter if you are young, old, big, or little. If you want to succeed at this, or indeed, anything in life, then just keep after it! Don't judge yourself, don't doubt yourself. Just keep plugging (punching) away. Believe that you will get better and you will!
And have fun! Life is too serious as it is.
PS: The "Muffin Top" is history!



5 Star Google Review

My name is Alberto. I am 27 years old, originally from Spain. Currently, I am working for the Department of Corrections as a Parole Officer.
I have always been interested in Martial Arts but never had the chance to practice them before. After coming to Indy and seeing the number of positive reviews that this school had, I decided to go ahead and enroll.
After training at Ray Sarkine's school for several months, I can say that I am in a much better shape, I also sleep better at night, and my balance and flexibility have improved tremendously. When I first started training, my main goal was to get in a better shape. I had no idea about the mental benefits that training with Ray would provide. I see life in a completely different way. I am a happier, more positive person, and have become more patient as well, not only when it comes to Martial Arts but even at home and at work too.
At first, I though the school was going to be focused mainly on training people for competitions and championships. However, that was not the case. The school and their programs are tailored to all manner of people from all walks of life. From those who actually want to compete, to those who want to simply get in a better shape and improve their lifestyle.
I love the fact that it is a work out that I enjoy going to and at the same time keeps me active. Having fun while working out is something I just could not find at any other regular gym. I can honestly say that working with Ray and his staff has helped me become a better person, on top of improving my body and mind. In the future, I hope I can continue to benefit from the work ethic and positive mindset of this school.



5 Star Google Review
I’m a 45 year old woman who has previously done some kickboxing. I moved back to this area and was looking for a new gym. I found IMAC and have enjoyed the technical training I have received since beginning 5 mos ago. I have also learned self defense tactics with each workout, which I really value. With determination and dedication, I am sure you can have the same positive experience I have had. The trainers really care about helping you achieve your goals.



5 Star Google Review
I joined 3 months ago and I love the way we train and workout. I am currently at level 3, but have learned a lot about my technique and getting rid of my bad habits. I am in college and work weekends so coming to this gym really helps me get rid of all my stress from my daily life all while learning new skills. I like how James and Ray are so welcoming towards their students and are very patient as well. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is interesting in learning martial arts for defense or competitive use, because it caters to all types of training and people.



5 Star Google Review

I’ve been coming to this gym for about a year now and it’s been a great experience. Before this I had a really hard time sticking with a workout for more than a couple months because it would become repetitive and boring and I would eventually lose interest.The classes here don’t have that issue. I always feel like I’m learning something new, and having fun while doing it. It’s not just working out, but learning a useful skill that has the benefit of improving your health and confidence. I definitely recommend it!



Michael and his son Hunter,
5 Star Google Review

As a busy professional, making the most of my time outside of work is a priority. Approximately seven months ago my son and I opted for a trial class at IMAC. We have never looked back. The time spent with your children can never be replaced and seeing them grow in a positive, encouraging environment is very fulfilling. This environment is very apparent at IMAC. The instructors stress the importance of both the physical and mental aspects of training. Experience, encouragement, and professionalism were evident from day one. While intimidated at first, my son has grown comfortable with the atmosphere and has shown tremendous growth on a personal level. His sense of accomplishment, both physically and mentally, is very apparent. If you are searching for an experience that is both rewarding and worthwhile, I would highly encourage a trial of an IMAC workout. You won’t regret it.



5 Star Google Review

Such a great place! When they say its the hardest work out you’ll ever love they aren’t lying. Great staff, great workouts, and fantastic students.



I’ve been taking classes at Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for about six months now and I absolutely love it! In high school and as a child I always played sports but suffered from an ACL tear my senior year that left me unable to play sports for about a year. As I went on in college I struggled to find something that would fit my schedule until I found IMAC. IMAC is the perfect place for me with their multiple class times six days a week, their challenging yet rewarding work outs, and their amazing instructors and fellow martial art enthusiasts. It’s one of the hardest workouts you’ll ever get but its great for your physical and mental health! The other students are so encouraging and everyone is on the same page. I look forward to continuing my martial arts training here for years to come.



5 Star Google Review
I have been with IMAC for about 5 years now and have loved every moment of it. The instructors/staff and student make every visit worth it! I worried about my asthma when I started and if I would be able to do it. Being at the school has improved my overall health and I haven’t had any issue with my asthma since I have started. I have learned many different self-defense styles and improved my overall mental state. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to change something about their lifestyle, be it mental, physical, or emotional.


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