New Student Stages

The typical new student goes thru several stages:

1. Total disbelief our program is really so effective.

2. Visiting, learning more and reluctantly understanding.

3. Taking a leap of faith and trying our beginner program.

4. Being highly impressed with results and sticking with us.

5. Becoming a enthusiast and trying to persuade friends.

6. Being ignored and ridiculed by the friends who think you’ve lost your mind.

7. After training with us your friends admire your great shape.

8. You telling them (again) how much fun and effective it is.

9. Those friends reluctantly trying our class for themselves. Then the above cycle repeats from point 5 down.


You Have to Try it for YOURSELF



I grew up in Kokomo and moved to Indianapolis in 2000. I am 51 years old. I am a Special Investigator in a Fortune 500 Insurance Company. I sniff out fraud and abuse. Currently I’m studying to gain my Certified Fraud Examiner licence.
When I'm not working I can normally be found outside someplace...caving, hiking, skydiving, kayaking. Although active, most of the things I was doing no longer challenged me and often were accomplished just through 'muscle memory'. I was looking for something to challenge me with discipline and fun. I wasn't in horrible shape...but the "muffin top" had certainly appeared and I wanted to do something about that. I have other friends who train in various methods of Martial Arts so I decided to explore that and it brought me (Sarkine’s Total Warrior) here.
Over the course of the four months I've been training here (Sarkine s Total Warrior) I’ve lost 20 lbs. I have more stamina and my upper body strength...something I despaired of ever really having, has increased dramatically.
Let's face is stressful! I can come in to the school frustrated, mad, sad....doesn't matter. Once I hit those mats and start focusing on drills and form...I start to relax. By the time class is finished, I am de-stressed. It's almost like a physical weight has lifted and I ride that feeling the rest of the night. It's helped so much that I drill on my own at home on days I don't have class and I reap the benefit of that as well.
I knew nothing about this discipline and so I just decided I'd show up and start working on it and that eventually I'd get it. And that's exactly what happens! I started out feeling so was hard! But I just kept pushing myself along. I'm not the most graceful person but I can laugh at myself and that easy attitude is important when you are taking on something you've never done. I didn't expect to be good at it...I wasn't good at it. But I kept trying and now I feel like I actually have learned and will continue to push myself and keep learning. It's hard but it's so much fun and the benefits are awesome!
The instructors push you to be your own best...not to be better than the person next to you who is 20 years younger. The other students are all great too and I enjoy seeing them every time I come to class.
I’ve developed a sense of accomplishment and confidence that yes...even at 51 I can do this! I've shaped up and de-stressed...I'm learning skills that might be useful if I ever need to defend myself! And there are other dividends...for instance: I was in line at a store when the older, and larger gentleman in front of me suddenly slipped and fell back toward me. I was able to step back quickly and catch him and keep him from hitting the floor. I could never have caught this larger man this time last year!
What's that line from Finding Nemo? "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming." My mantra is now "Just keep punching. Just keep kicking." lol I plan to continue to push myself and see just how much I can improve over time.
It doesn't matter if you are young, old, big, or little. If you want to succeed at this, or indeed, anything in life, then just keep after it! Don't judge yourself, don't doubt yourself. Just keep plugging (punching) away. Believe that you will get better and you will!
And have fun! Life is too serious as it is.
PS: The "Muffin Top" is history!



5 Star Google Review

My name is Alberto. I am 27 years old, originally from Spain. Currently, I am working for the Department of Corrections as a Parole Officer.
I have always been interested in Martial Arts but never had the chance to practice them before. After coming to Indy and seeing the number of positive reviews that this school had, I decided to go ahead and enroll.
After training at Ray Sarkine's school for several months, I can say that I am in a much better shape, I also sleep better at night, and my balance and flexibility have improved tremendously. When I first started training, my main goal was to get in a better shape. I had no idea about the mental benefits that training with Ray would provide. I see life in a completely different way. I am a happier, more positive person, and have become more patient as well, not only when it comes to Martial Arts but even at home and at work too.
At first, I though the school was going to be focused mainly on training people for competitions and championships. However, that was not the case. The school and their programs are tailored to all manner of people from all walks of life. From those who actually want to compete, to those who want to simply get in a better shape and improve their lifestyle.
I love the fact that it is a work out that I enjoy going to and at the same time keeps me active. Having fun while working out is something I just could not find at any other regular gym. I can honestly say that working with Ray and his staff has helped me become a better person, on top of improving my body and mind. In the future, I hope I can continue to benefit from the work ethic and positive mindset of this school.



5 Star Google Review
I’m a 45 year old woman who has previously done some kickboxing. I moved back to this area and was looking for a new gym. I found IMAC and have enjoyed the technical training I have received since beginning 5 mos ago. I have also learned self defense tactics with each workout, which I really value. With determination and dedication, I am sure you can have the same positive experience I have had. The trainers really care about helping you achieve your goals.



5 Star Google Review
I joined 3 months ago and I love the way we train and workout. I am currently at level 3, but have learned a lot about my technique and getting rid of my bad habits. I am in college and work weekends so coming to this gym really helps me get rid of all my stress from my daily life all while learning new skills. I like how James and Ray are so welcoming towards their students and are very patient as well. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is interesting in learning martial arts for defense or competitive use, because it caters to all types of training and people.



5 Star Google Review

I’ve been coming to this gym for about a year now and it’s been a great experience. Before this I had a really hard time sticking with a workout for more than a couple months because it would become repetitive and boring and I would eventually lose interest.The classes here don’t have that issue. I always feel like I’m learning something new, and having fun while doing it. It’s not just working out, but learning a useful skill that has the benefit of improving your health and confidence. I definitely recommend it!



Michael and his son Hunter,
5 Star Google Review

As a busy professional, making the most of my time outside of work is a priority. Approximately seven months ago my son and I opted for a trial class at IMAC. We have never looked back. The time spent with your children can never be replaced and seeing them grow in a positive, encouraging environment is very fulfilling. This environment is very apparent at IMAC. The instructors stress the importance of both the physical and mental aspects of training. Experience, encouragement, and professionalism were evident from day one. While intimidated at first, my son has grown comfortable with the atmosphere and has shown tremendous growth on a personal level. His sense of accomplishment, both physically and mentally, is very apparent. If you are searching for an experience that is both rewarding and worthwhile, I would highly encourage a trial of an IMAC workout. You won’t regret it.



5 Star Google Review

Such a great place! When they say its the hardest work out you’ll ever love they aren’t lying. Great staff, great workouts, and fantastic students.



I’ve been taking classes at Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for about six months now and I absolutely love it! In high school and as a child I always played sports but suffered from an ACL tear my senior year that left me unable to play sports for about a year. As I went on in college I struggled to find something that would fit my schedule until I found IMAC. IMAC is the perfect place for me with their multiple class times six days a week, their challenging yet rewarding work outs, and their amazing instructors and fellow martial art enthusiasts. It’s one of the hardest workouts you’ll ever get but its great for your physical and mental health! The other students are so encouraging and everyone is on the same page. I look forward to continuing my martial arts training here for years to come.



5 Star Google Review
I have been with IMAC for about 5 years now and have loved every moment of it. The instructors/staff and student make every visit worth it! I worried about my asthma when I started and if I would be able to do it. Being at the school has improved my overall health and I haven’t had any issue with my asthma since I have started. I have learned many different self-defense styles and improved my overall mental state. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to change something about their lifestyle, be it mental, physical, or emotional.



5 Star Google Review

I started in February since then I have lost 40 pounds I’m truly glad I made the decision to join not only am I losing the weight I’m learning to protect myself and it’s definitely a stress reliever best decision I made in 2016……aw yea James is my favorite instructor lol



5 Star Google Review

One of the best decisions I’ve made for my personal wellness. I’ve been training for the past 3 years and I’m 53. The quality and care of instruction will exceed your expectation. You will discover a positive sense of accomplishment following the completion of each class. The instructors’ work and show commitment to your personal success, no matter your ability level. One of the things I enjoy the most is the encouragement you also receive from your fellow students. Regardless of the levels of expertise, the instructors and students help you. It’s a fun atmosphere with everyone working hard. The training is intense and you will certainly know you’ve been through work out. It’s personally rewarding in numerous ways. As for me, I find both benefits in physical and mental conditioning. Physically I’ve gained strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. Mentally I’ve seen improvement in finding a fun outlet for the stress life brings and better mental focus. The hardest work out you will ever love. All you have to do is start coming to class.



5 Star Google Review

This is an amazing kickboxing gym! It is not your average gym where you go to get some punches and kicks in and you go home. This gym teaches you muay thai, a defensive fighting style. Right from the beginning the instructors teach you how to have a correct fighting stance and they provide a reason for every little thing in your stance so that you can remember and quickly learn to have a good stance. The same thing goes for every type of punch and kick that you are taught. The classes are very fun and fast paced and they really do mean it when they say you will get the best workout you ever had and you will have fun doing it. Also you never get bored as every class is unique with what is being taught. I would recommend this to anyone who is even slightly interested in learning how to fight!



5 Star Google Review
I have been coming to the IMAC for over 6 months now and I really enjoy what they have to offer there. You get to learn self-defense, have a good workout, and meet good people. The instructors are always there to push you to your best and are there when you need help. Also, you can go at your own pace and not rush into anything you think you’re not ready for. Lastly, if anyone is looking for a place that will challenge their mind and body, the IMAC is where you should go.



5 Star Google Review
Hardest workout ever, but oh so worth it. IMAC has given me way more than I could ever imagine I would get out of a building I drive by on my way home. I have gained confidence in my body and in my ability to protect myself when I walk to my car after night classes. The instructors are really incredible and really push you to work as hard as you can. The other students are amazing and really make you want to keep going, you have no doubt that everyone is putting pedal to the metal during class. The only thing I question is why I didn’t start sooner.



5 Star Google Review

About 9 years ago I stopped in IMAC to inquire about taking lessons due to an interest in martial arts, and a desire to find a different path to fitness. After leaving the school I felt an urging to pursue my interest, but unfortunately I found every excuse in the book to not make the commitment. Now in my late forties find myself having made one of the best commitments of my life. “Jumping into the pool” and choosing to put aside all excuses. ( As an older student, I find it refreshing to hear the coach speak to the younger students about life experiences and the applications of the skills just taught.) At IMAC I have found an environment, where I can challenge myself physically and mentally. Pushing the “I can’t do it” mentality out of my head and improving my mental and physical flexibility. Learning the the art and disciplines of “Martial Arts”, all under the guidance of a great staff. A courteous staff that will push you to better yourself, without forcing you into a situation where you can injure yourself. Classes set the student up for success, by building the student from the ground up. Once the student masters the basic concepts they are invited to move to a more advanced level. All of which is based on the students desires and abilities. “”IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT THIS MISSION”, and make the commitment of your time and your effort , I think that you will have a fun and rewarding experience all while meeting great people. I can only imagine where I would’ve been had I chosen not to make excuses 9 years ago.



Marie and her daughter Marissa,
5 Star Google Review

After years of sitting at a computer every day, working in an environment that changes daily, and the stresses not only from work but everyday life something had to change. First my daughter and I purchased a gym membership along with paying for personal fitness sessions. We never found an instructor that had a genuine interest in helping us find our best. Instructors just provided a list of what exercises we’d do and watch with little to no input. After two years of private lessons and gym fees, we ended our gym membership. My daughter wanted to try Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. To say the least I was intrigued but at over 40 I was concerned about my abilities. Four months into it now and it has been a great experience. The instructors are great and take a personal interest in your development of the skill and you as an individual. Even with the hundreds of students the instructors see each day, they still know you by name. The workouts are intense and those pieces that jiggled a bit much will start to tone up quickly! It is wonderful to work out with so many great people who encourage each other to keep pushing, don’t judge you if your pace is a bit slower, and support you in your development. Each workout session is different and the instructors are always working with you on an individual level to enhance your skill. There are so many days I come home from work that I could just drop into the couch and be done with the day. But the staff, students and, great workout keep us coming back.



5 Star Google Review

I have been a member of IMAC for almost two months now and I have loved every moment of it!! I had driven by IMAC numerous times and always thought about calling, but i was nervous about it. I am very glad I finally got up the nerve to call. Within the last two months I have found a determination inside of me that I did not know I possessed. The stress just melts off my shoulders as I walk in the doors and I know that I am in for a great workout. When I leave after class a feeling of accomplishment follows. This is a way for me to invest in myself. Thank you IMAC.



5 Star Google Review

I’ve been coming to IMAC for a few months now & it’s definitely the best workout I’ve ever had.



5 Star Google Review

I been here for almost a year & I have seen a great amount changes within myself far as in my mental & physical. I have became more discipline. The routines & exercises are amazing. You will lose weight & gain endurance, stamina at the same time. The classes are set up to work with your schedule & its a judgement free zone. I would highly recommend anyone of any age to join.



5 Star Google Review
After three months of regular attendance I can pretty confidently say this is the best workout I’ve ever had. When I started out I didn’t really know what to expect, but wanted to try it out anyway. This was the best decision I’ve made in awhile. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s interested! In my experience with other places the main reason I quit going was because I would get stuck in the same routine and always felt like it wasn’t working. I’ve been able to come in four or five days in a row and never do the same workout twice!



5 Star Google Review

Attending the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club has been such a positive experience in my life and I wish I would have started sooner. The instructors are very patient with you and show that they truly care about you as an individual. I am constantly telling all my friends about this place and how life changing it has been to me. I joined in January this year and all the other students made me feel very welcome and helped encourage me along the way. Doing Muay Thai not only relieves stress, but it helps you develop patience and perseverance. If you want a challenging workout in a supportive environment, this is the place to come. You will get results if you stay consistent. So far I have lost 25 pounds, and I have become much stronger and confident.



5 Star Google Review

I have been attending for two months now, and am very satisfied. I had been looking for a hobby which this has fulfilled. In addition, I am already noticing improved strength and flexibility…and it is a great stress-relief too. The instructors are very good and every class is different which keeps it from being boring. My only regret is not joining years ago.



Berry for her daughter Kiana,
5 Star Google Review

My daughter asked to learn self defense so we found Warrior Destiny. The instructors have been encouraging and professional. My daughter looks forward to her classes every week. It’s great to see her excited about what she is learning.



5 Star Google Review
I’ve been going to the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for about two months now. I can’t get enough of the training and the team atmosphere. The training is dynamic no two sessions are the same. So your body can’t get used to the work out. You sweat from beginning to end and can’t wait to come to your next class. The team atmosphere is something I haven’t seen since my football days. Everyone helps you get better and work through your own physical limitations (everyone has them especially in the beginning so don’t worry, I’m a big dude and it takes time to build the strength and conditioning and flexibility to be able to do it all.) The trainers aren’t strictly fitness trainers they are coaches and teachers and it’s top notch. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed myself getting more comfortable in the techniques and just feeling like “hey I’m getting this.”



5 Star Google Review
I turn 52 next month and have worked in construction rehabbing water towers for 28 years. After taking an office job 5 years ago, I have been pretty much inactive as far as exercise goes. I drove past IMAC for 3 years before contacting James 2 months ago for information on joining. After a meeting James at the facility and a few private lessons. I was definitely hooked on the hardest workout you will ever enjoy. I have a stressful job and when I walk through the doors for class I forget about everything work related. During my first couple of lessons the writing on the wall “NEVER GIVE UP” was all inspiration that it took to keep me going. The staff is very knowable, experienced and willing to provide instructions from stretching to the proper techniques needed to perform Muay Thai kickboxing. Everyone that I have met at the classes are friendly and there for a common goal, to improve there physical condition as well as their ability to perform Muay Thai Kickboxing as it was meant to be. I look forward to many years as a member of the Indianapolis Martial Art Club. Thank you James and Ray for all that you do….



5 Star Google Review
It’s really the hardest workout you’ll ever LOVE! I enjoy the workout and the people in it, and how the trainer helps you be the best you can be. They push you to your limit and beyond!



5 Star Google Review

I have been a member of IMAC for over a years I have nothing but good things to say about the instructors and the facility. I have worked out for years, but nothing compares to the training I have received at IMAC. It is the hardest workout I have ever done, but I love it! Each class is unique and we are constantly improving and learning new techniques. IMAC offers many different levels of training to meet each person needs. The instructors are wonderful and take the time to get to know you and your goals. I wish I would have joined years ago.



Preet and Raj and their 3 Kids,
5 Star Google Review

There is no other place/way to get fit and build confidence this is it. Me and my better half(Raj) been members at IMAC little over 4yrs and my 3kids have been here for about 3yrs. I realized I am a better person now not just mentally but also physically than I was 4yrs ago and have way more patience not just with my 3 kids but also with my employees at work. When I am here working out I am in the zone nothing matters in that moment, its a great place for stress relief. I would also like to add IMAC is a place for anyone and everyone doesn’t matter what your goals are in life this is one place where I know I or shall I say my whole family want to commit to. It is a challenge everyday but its will worth it. So for those who are looking for a challenge/loose weight or to be a warrior this is the place. One more thing we love our coaches! 🙂



April for her son Jacob,
5 Star Google Review
From a mothers perspective, this has been the most challenging but positive thing my son has been a part of. He has always been athletically involved in school sports but has always wanted to learn kick boxing. When he was younger, we use to drive by the facility and he always wanted to go check it out. As a teen, he actually contacted James himself and we set up a meeting. Ray & James were very welcoming & excited to get Jacob started. He had no previous experience but was eager to learn. This program has taught him self discipline, respect & a sense of accomplishment. He is now at level 3 but there is so much more to learn! This is a great work out physically & mentally and is in a positive atmosphere where giving up is not an option!!



5 Star Google Review
I’ve been training here for a little over a year now, and I’m VERY happy with my decision. When I first started looking for a Muay Thai gym, I visited an MMA style gym that also taught Muay Thai. They offered to let me come to a class that evening for free. I thought that was great and showed up. With no instruction apart from helping me wrap my hands, they threw me in with the class. There were students who had been practicing for years, some for a few months, and a few others that were visiting for the first time like me. Almost immediately they had me “sparring” with another new guy, and since we were both inexperienced it quickly evolved into a game of closed-fist tag. I left that gym feeling sore, bruised, and a bad cramp in my calf. The next week, I went to IMAC to talk with Ray, then scheduled a free private lesson with James. The lesson was great, and I was taught the basics and told more about how the school works. After my experience the week before, it was a welcome change. I signed up with the school, and while their prices are certainly higher than most gyms, you get a lot. Sure a membership to LA Fitness is about $50 a month, but you don’t get the level of instruction, dedication of trainers, or sense of camaraderie you get here. After over a year at the school, and moving into their Level 3 class, I can say that I am really glad I decided to train here. Ray is very personable, and you can tell he truly enjoys what he does.



5 Star Google Review
I really enjoy been part of this Martial Arts club there a lot of great people and positive attitude I’m glad the I find this place it make be a better person and it teaches me how to take care of my self.



5 Star Google Review
I have been coming to imac for over 5yrs. It has been and still is a growth process and self discovery for me. I walked in with several “conditions” which were actually mental barriers. Eg-I decided i didnot want to spar i only wanted to learn without any contact. I felt heard and did not feel pressured to spar. Ray and James take the time to build trust and understand who you are. They challenge you to be the best you can be in a safe controlled environment and thats when you begin to understand how brave you can be and how resilient you are. They build up your mental and physical strength. This is more than a gym, its a school where you learn the science of Muay Thai.


Maria and Vincent,
5 Star Google Review
Great workout, building confidence for kids and adults. Professional atmosphere, superb instructors.


5 Star Google Review
I first started with IMAC back in 2006. I always get a good workout in, and they are always tough ones in one way or another. Most days I leave nearly exhausted, but I have a lot of fun doing it and it’s a great stress reliever. Ray and James always motivate and push you to train harder and improve yourself. They take the time to give personal attention to every student and show specific ways to improve your technique. I have lost a good 50 lbs. training here, and my cardio is always improving. The atmosphere here is very nice, and the other classmates are great to train with. Everyone is respectful to each other and encouraging. There is a wide variety of people that train here, and would say there is something here for everyone. It’s a great place to train, and I love the workouts.


5 Star Google Review
I joined a little over two years ago, and I never thought I would get so much out of going to a gym. I remember the first day walking in, and I’ll admit I was intimidated being an unathletic and uncoordinated 25-year-old. One thing that struck me about this gym was how supportive everyone was, especially the instructors and upper-level students. These are people who really know their craft and have competed in Muay Thai but everyone is very approachable and supportive. Ray and James not only give excellent instruction, but they really focus on developing positive attitudes in their students as well which I think is important in Muay Thai training because it keeps everyone safe and having a good time. The classes are not easy and they continue to be challenging even as you get better. I know I still have a ton of improvements to make, but looking back to two years ago, I’m now able to do some things that I never thought I’d physically be able to do. For me, it’s made a big impact, not only physically, but in other areas of my life as well.


5 Star Google Review
I have been going to IMAC for over 2 years now and it has grown my appreciation for what a good martial art school can provide. I came from a BJJ background and after coming to college I wanted to continue with some type of martial arts training. I initially circulated to MMA gyms around Indy but the focus was on being tough rather than being a smart fighter. This is the important difference between MMA gyms and a martial arts school. Ray and James focus heavily on improving technique and laying the building blocks to begin higher level fighting. The classes are dynamic in that they cater not only to those looking to lose weight but also those that have experience in martial arts. Awesome school and awesome relationships built there.



5 Star Google Review
If you desire to learn and master the art of Muay Thai kick boxing, then this is the right place for you. I have been training under Ray and James watchful eye for the past 4 years. The quality and caliber of instruction, training and friendship that you will encounter is simple world class! You will find a commitment to your personal success not only from the instructors, but also from your fellow students. At every step of the way you will be encouraged to develop your full potential in both mind and body. It matters little if you are a beginner or a seasoned fighter, young or old, male or female there is a place for you in IMAC’s training program. Mastering the art of Muay Thai will demand your commitment and dedication. Ego’s are put on the back burner during training sessions! Everyone helps and supports each other. The training is intense, but truly enjoyable. The benefits I personally value in my association with IMAC are: improved physical conditioning; a strengthening sense of personal character; and an improved mental sharpness acquired while learning Muay Thai!


5 Star Google Review
I’ve been attending here for almost 2 years and this has really changed my health not only physically but mentally. I joined for stress and anger relief, something to keep me distracted and I stayed because I fell in love with what Muay Thai and this school really has to offer. The instructors are helpful, resourceful, and have built great trust between all their students. They push you and encourage you at the same time. You will always leave feeling empowered and wanting more. There is no intimidation from anyone like you would feel at other gyms. Everyone is welcoming no matter what skill level and even though the sweat and hard work we find a reason to smile. I really recommend joining and seeing for yourself!



5 Star Google Review
This place is awesome. I have been going 2-3 times a week for the last 7 months. I usually do the Monday and Wednesday noon classes with James. He is an excellent instructor. Every class he pushes me to my limit but never pushes me past what I am capable of doing. I joined the club to lose weight, and I have lost about 20 pounds of fat and 2 pant sizes. More than losing weight I have gained a ton of core strength. My first day I could not do a single sit up and fell on my butt when I tried to jump rope. Now I’m up to fifty sit ups and can jump rope for 5 min. The training is incredible. I love the fact that I am learning how to defend myself on the off chance that I am ever attacked and plan to continue going the IMAC for many more years..


5 Star Google Review
This was a much needed change in my life, I am 36 years old and I have not had a coach in years. every session is a great workout and the trainers care about there students. If I miss too many classes I can count on a phone call to make sure that I am ok. I have benefited from this class in many ways.


5 Star Google Review
First time I have ever tried anything like this and am so glad I did. The instructors help to motivate and keep me accountable for coming weekly. I feel pushed outside of my comfort zone which is what I need to challenge my strength and endurance in my weekly workout. While becoming stronger physically I also have developed skills I can use throughout life. I am learning basic techniques that will keep me safe or at least give me an upper hand if need be. If you are needing a new exciting way to improve your health and become stronger I would recommend joining this club!


5 Star Google Review
I’ve been a member now for almost two years. I had no experience in any martial arts prior to this. I can honestly say the team of instructors here is dedicated to getting you, where you want to go. The classes are definitely hard but when you walk out at the end there is sense of accomplishment for sure. If you are like me trying to join a martial arts team for the first time this is your place. Ray and James take their time in getting comfortable and build your confidence before setting you loose. Their experience and ability to train people is in my opinion top notch.


5 Star Google Review
I have been a member of IMAC for at least 5 years and it is worth every sore muscle and moment spent sweating my buns off. The instructors are as involved in your training as you let them be and will continuously push you to achieve whatever goals you set, including competition. The class structure offers a safe environment and I have never been afraid of injury, even when sparring guys twice my size. Everyone is respectful of your personal experience level and always willing to help you improve. It is hard work, so expect to put some time and effort in if you really want to achieve results. Great gym, great community!


5 Star Google Review
I’ve been a student for 5 years now and training at IMAC has changed me in many ways for the better. Ray and James are very good instructors they know what they’re talkin about when it comes to this fighting style. I would recommend IMAC to any and everyone. When your here your treated with respect and that goes a long way. Oh and I forgot to add that I enjoy coming here so much that I drive an hour each time just to get to class. Definitely worth my trip each time I take it.


5 Star Google Review
James, I just thought I should let you all know that you all have helped me in numerous ways already. I feel that training to stay alive, build and control myself and keeping a mentality to fight through lifes struggles using your alls concepts on battling back against lifes hardships is what’s kept me alive and helps me have something to look forward to. I don’t know if I’ll ever perfect or ace things but it’s already been beneficial in several ways. I was seriously lost, damaged and extremely depressed before starting. Warrior Destiny has kept me alive and I mean in a very literal way. I know I seem a little off at times but that’s because I have a worse than movie style life behind me and Im still facing numerous struggles from elsewhere. Warrior Destiny has helped me fight those issues better than I was able to alone. I am grateful for your alls help. I’ve been to schools that didn’t have any attention to detail, any help and quite honestly offered no skills worth much for anything. You all have really built something that all families, individuals including other professionals should be part of.


5 Star Google Review
I was welcomed and made to feel comfortable in spite of the fact I have never really been into exercise. And because of that I am now exercising regularly and enjoying the physical changes! Thanks so much!!


5 Star Google Review
I was never a very active or motivated kid before I started training here. I had always wanted to,but ever other sport I tried never seemed to suit me, leading me to always quit sooner or later, but martial arts isn’t just a sport. At the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club I learned perseverance, dedication, and respect. I wasn’t just taught to be a thug. That’s what I love the most: the fact that this school has changed me; made me a better person. I feel more confident than ever, and it’s all because the first day I walked into those doors and decided to finally commit to something worth committing to.


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I didn’t realize how important martial arts would be in my life. When I first started training over 2 years ago I was curious to see what Muay Thai is all about and was ready to learn the principles. Now that I have learn them it has only improved my life it many various ways. Don’t join if you’re gonna treat it as a gym or sport this is an art to only better yourself and morals. In other words, this is a beautiful 5 star gym with amazing trainers. But we don’t just work out we train as a family.



I had never done anything like this before, never even thrown a punch. I am not what you would call an “athletic type”-far from it actually. I’m more of a Klutz-the two left feet, always picked last in gym class variety. Because of this, I’ve gone through life avoiding most types of athletic activity. At various times, I’d tried to start exercising (step aerobics, treadmill, Tae-Bo, assorted exercise tapes, etc.) but I never stuck with anything for long. However, as my 30th birthday drew near, I realized that the couch potato approach to life was no longer going to cut it! I needed to do something to get in shape and undo the less than wonderful changes my body had undergone in the past 10 years. Also, I needed to find a way to vent some of the stress I was experiencing.

The Indianapolis Martial Arts Club has been everything I hoped for and so much more! It’s the best workout I’ve ever had. I work really hard. And I see the results! When I joined, I felt better almost immediately-I was less tense and slept much more soundly. Within two months I started noticing changes in the way my clothes fit. I’ve been coming to the school regularly for about 10 months now. I can see muscles in my arms and legs, where before there was only flab. I’ve lost 14 pounds without changing my diet! I’ve also gone down several clothing sizes-before coming to the gym I wore size 10-12 pants and I just recently bought a pair of size 4 jeans! I can’t even remember the last time I wore a size 4 – not since high school at least. I’m much happier and more confident person now. For perhaps the first time, I feel like I’m in control of my life.

When I look at where I started and what I’ve accomplished in these past months, I realize that I can do anything if I put my mind to it! In fact, I’m going to compete in my first match next month! The instructors at the school are wonderful. I found the whole experience pretty intimidating when I first started but the staff took the time to teach me the basics and made sure to keep an eye on me to make sure I was doing well. They don’t just throw new people into the deep end-they help you learn and develop skills. I’ve really appreciated how supportive all the instructors are.

They always encourage me to do better-I never feel stupid in class, even when I’m doing something completely wrong because rather than focusing on what you’ve done incorrectly they focus on how you can improve. Joining I.M.A.C. in one of the best things I’ve done. I have gotten so much out of it-I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

Continuation of Kathy,
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I’ve been going to the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (IMAC) for 12 years, and obviously, I love it. I started going there when I was 29, and it was a huge change for me because I’d never been athletic. Ray, the head trainer, and everyone else were very welcoming. I’ve loved going there because I get an amazing workout — much better than anything I could do on my own. I’m much stronger now, and I lost a bunch of weight. More importantly, I’m much more confident now, and I feel like I can handle anything that life throws my way. In the words of the MasterCard commercial – “priceless!” I never intended to compete, but I became interested in it, and Ray and the other trainers supported me in this endeavor. Now my competition days are behind me, but I still get so much out of being a member of the IMAC. It’s the best workout I could imagine — it’s fun, challenging, and I’m always learning something. This isn’t like running on a treadmill or going on an elliptical. You’re learning a martial art, and you can continue to do that over the course of your life. You don’t have to want to fight to go to the IMAC — most people there don’t. In fact, if you want to beat people up, don’t come to this gym — it’s not the place for you. Ray works hard to make sure it’s a welcoming place for people of all ages, from all different backgrounds, and with varying levels of athletic experience. If you want to get a great workout, learn an amazing art that will continue to stretch and challenge you no matter how long you do it, and meet wonderful people, this is the place for you. I realize you may be intimidated by the idea of a kickboxing gym — I certainly was before I tried it out, but this gym is not intimidating at all. Ray and the other trainers are wonderful — welcoming, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping people learn muay thai and get in shape. If you think you might be interested in going to this gym, please come in and check it out. I’d love to meet you and tell you about my experience and how much I’ve gained from going here.



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First of all I would like to say that IMAC is not just a gym or club to me but more like family. Where its not your money that their interested in, but more you as a person. I have been a member of IMAC since 1989. Of coarse I learned the martial arts over the years and also became very good at it, winning my first world championship in 1993. I have seen the school grow from 50 members to well over 500 members. From a little 20 x 30 building to the thousands of square feet it is today. IMAC is one of the largest schools in the U.S. that has also produce many champions over the years. Once members join they seem to stick around for years. I have seen boys and girls grow up to become men and women, fathers and mothers and even a few grandparents. The school has many activities outside of the gym. I been to many cookouts at the chief instructor’s personal house. The school has hosted Halloween parties, horseback riding, pool parties, group vacation trips, group motorcycle rides, birthday parties for members, banquet and award dinners. Martial Arts has made me grow as a person physically, mentally and emotionally. It has given me the confident to become a very strong successful leader in my personal life, my family life and my community. I would like to thank Ray for helping me grow as a person. You have help guided me thru life from a 14 year old shy kid that just moved to indy and didn’t know anybody, to the successful man that I am today. YOU ARE THE BIG BROTHER THAT I NEVER HAD.


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I’ve been going for 2 years and I love it! Ray and James know their craft! The classes are fun, challenging, and never boring. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great workout or want to learn Muay Thai!


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I have been going to Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for almost 2 years now, I first began because like most I wanted to lose weight. As I continued to go, the more weight i lost. I soon began to realize i was becoming a better stronger version of myself, not just physically but mentally as well. IMAC has given me the foundation to be successful in life. This was made possible through the family like and supportive environment of the gym. The gym is like a family, we all work together to help each other grow. I plan to continue for as long as I am able.


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These classes are tough—but they are soooo much fun!  No matter how stressed out I am when I come to class I always leave feeling completely relaxed and drenched in sweat!  I played sports from elementary school through college, and though I haven’t practiced any of those sports in years I actually play better than I ever did just from staying in shape through Muay Thai and learning how to control my muscles better.  The instructors are fantastic and genuinely care about every student and they give attention to every student, not just the ones that have aspirations to compete like some gyms do. I would recommend this school to anyone- no matter what shape or age (one of my classmates is in his 70’s!!).  This place is crazy fun!


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During my nearly four years with the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, I’ve never had a more incredible experience than I have had here.  This school of martial arts has the most understanding and patient instructors I’ve ever met, and that’s including academic instructors.  I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Ray and James and everyone that has ever helped me along the way.  Here, you can practice and truly understand martial arts, learn to defend yourself, but more importantly develop good character and meet amazing people.  If you want the best quality martial arts instruction and the opportunity to change your life, this is the place for you.  I’ve been going four years strong, and I’ll keep training under the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for the rest of my life.


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I have been a student at IMAC for over four years.  I am a previous college scholarship athlete. I can say with confidence that my experience at the school ranks as the best level of instruction that I received at any level.   As with anything, what you put in is what you get out.  Kru Ray and James present a consistent platform for students to come and be pushed to their limits.  Additionally, they train the persons spirit as well as the body.  Whatever I thought I knew about protecting myself was false until I trained at this school.  I stand prepared to address any need to protect myself with confidence because of the instruction and application under stress Kru Ray and James have provided to me.  I am grateful for the opportunity to train in such a great environment, joining this school changed my life.



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I have been going to Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for almost 2 years now, I first began because I wanted to lose weight.  As I continued to go, my love for the art grew and I started to drop the pounds.   It doesn’t feel like a work out, rather, it is a good time and a lot of fun.  It allows you to relieve stress that has built up throughout the day and you leave feeling great!  The instructors at the gym really genuinely care about each individual student, creating a great and welcoming environment.  At the gym, it really does feel like a family; we all are there to help and support each other through our Muay Thai journey. For me, it has been a great experience and I wish to continue my journey for a long time!


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I’ve been attending the school for roughly 6 years now and I absolutely love it!! I’ve developed so many skills not just physical but mental as well. Kru Ray and James are great teachers, friendly and very flexible. If you are looking for real muay thai no nonsense this is the place for you!!


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At the end of this month, I will have been a member of IMAC for 2 years.  My experience there has been wonderful.  The instructors know what they are talking about, how to teach, and how to give you the workout that you came for.  My only complaint is that I did not look into it and join sooner. Not only have I improved physically, but I have improved mentally and emotionally as well.  I have become a more motivated and driven person thanks to IMAC.



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I’ve been a member of IMAC for a few years now and have really enjoyed the training there. My only regret is not joining sooner. Besides losing weight, gaining flexibility, and gaining strength,  I’ve learned skills that will help me the rest of my life. I think for the amount of quality instruction you receive the price is more than reasonable. I would recommend joining IMAC to anyone who is serious about their training and and becoming a martial artist.



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The best place to get fit and build confidence. Been going for three years now and just wish I heard of this place sooner. I did the whole LA Fitness thing, used their trainers, still got no results and because I got no results I started making excuses not to go. Then I signed up at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. I quickly built muscle, endurance and flexibility and loss weight doing a workout that makes me want to keep going back. I highly recommend this place to anyone!


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Wow! I started with IMAC 3 months ago and have lost several inches and now feel more confident and stronger. The classes are intense and challenging, but still fun! The instructors are fabulous in helping motivate everyone in a disciplined environment. I am learning how to protect myself and gain confidence in what I can do. I am so thankful to have found IMAC because it has truly improved my overall health and decreased my stress. If you are looking for an activity that you can enjoy and get the best workout possible, this is the place! Feeling awesome and glad I stopped in:)


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When I turned 40, I knew I needed to make a change to improve my health and fitness. I also knew that I absolutely could not join another gym. I had tried EVERYTHING! So I walked into IMC 3 years ago and I’m still a member. I can’t get enough of it. I’m a busy mom with 4 crazy active boys at home and I love IMC because it’s my happy place. I feel empowered, strong, accomplished and athletic. I love it and plan on doing it as long as I am physically able. I wish everyone would try it. And I wish I had done it sooner. It’s one of my few regrets in life.


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When I was younger I wanted to learn a martial art but wasn’t able to do so as my parents could not afford the lessons. I saw the gym one day driving by and decided to try it out since I could afford the lessons as an adult. It has been almost 4 yrs now and I love the training. The training is hard work and fun. I played collegiate soccer for 4 years as well as various other sports and this challenge has been the greatest. When I’m in the muay thai gym I think of nothing else but the task at hand, which is superb for stress relief. This is a safe and fun atmosphere to learn an exciting and physical art.


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I have always wanted to do this and now at my age it turned into being on my bucket list at the age of 57. I have exercised throughout my life doing things like yoga, zumba and having personal trainers etc. This has been the most satisfying exercise and training that has brought many benefits such as health and stimulation of the mind. The instructors are excellent and give you a can-do attitude. I highly recommend this training to improve the mind, body and spirit.


Nav and Paul,
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This is different from regular gym.Lot of clean space.Friendly people.This training will help you lose wt and inches and it is lot of fun.You feel more energetic.


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I have been here for 5 years and have had excellent instruction and encouragement.  The classes are very challenging and rewarding.  Expect to see results from your efforts.



I first contacted Indianapolis Martial Arts after receiving an email about their 8-week course which is an introduction to Kickboxing with the added benefits of weight loss. I was only going to be home for the summer from college and was looking for an intense challenge and workout. I have had some kickboxing experience from a course with a top level instructor in Missouri so I thought I knew the routine….HA! BUT after my first class with Ray and James, I quickly realized my past experience was “kindergarten” compared to Indianapolis Martial Arts! Every class is challenging in a different way. I used muscles and mental technique and form I never knew I had. They kicked my butt…but I love a challenge so I kick back!

The 8-week course is soooooooooo worth the time, money, sweat, and intensive physical and mental challenge! Ray and James not only instruct their students with proper kickboxing form, but also encourage proper diet and nutrition plus safety tips how to be prepared in day to day situations that gave me a different perspective and awareness of myself and surroundings. I whole-heartedly recommend Indianapolis Martial Arts if you are serious about getting into shape….physically and mentally! Ohhhhh, and did I mention I have visibly lost several inches???….I should have kept track of the overall inch lost, but I have also lost 15 lb. during the 8-week course. Unfortunately, it’s time for me to go back to college in Missouri …but next summer….I’ll be back!!! ….to Indianapolis Martial Arts Club!


Tim, age 49

About 2 ½ years ago my weight reached 284lbs, I needed a life style change. I changed my diet and started walking and that worked for about a year. One day I was at second hand sports store and saw a heavy bag, I bought it took it home and started hitting it. I quickly found out that I needed to do more than walk if I wanted to continue working with the heavy bag, so I joined cardinal fitness and tried weight training and cardio and that helped some. All of this took place over a period of about two years and during this time my weight dropped to 205lbs, and I stayed there. Over the next couple of months my weight went back up to 215lbs and I knew I needed to do some thing different but didn’t know what. It just so happens a friend mine was training at IMAC, we were talking one day and I mentioned my dilemma and he told me I should go talk to the guys at IMAC and see. (What could it hurt?) I have been training at IMAC for a little over 4 months now and it changed my life. My weight has dropped to 195lbs and more importantly,

I have a pretty stressful job and training at IMAC has given me the ability focus and prioritize what is important and what is not, including my thoughts. Little things don’t get to me any more, I sleep all the way through the night now and I feel comfortable where ever I am. I am stronger more flexible and have better balance and more stamina than when I was in my 20’s. By the way, I am 49 years old. I’m finding it hard to put into words how I feel about the benefits I have received from working with the guys at IMAC, but unlike other places where a 49 year old guy would get over looked, Ray and James take the time to work with every one not just the rock stars. Training at IMAC is the best investment in me that I have ever made.



After College, I stopped exercising completely, lived on fast food and, over the course of a few years, I gained over 60 pounds and was a size 14. By far, I was in the worst shape of my life, I knew I needed to do something, but nothing I tried was working. I joined a few gyms and tried to work out on my own, but it turned out to be a waste of money. I never went, and I could not push myself to work out consistently. I felt like it would be impossible to ever get back in shape. I had taken some martial arts classes in the past, so finally, I decided to try kickboxing. Luckily, I found the Indianapolis Martial Arts club in the Phone book. I was impressed with Ray and his staff right away. They were patient, encouraging and provided the motivation I needed that I could not find at other facilities. At other gyms, you get lost in the crowd, and no one inspires you to even show up on a weekly basis much less help you to work toward any goals.

When I walk in the door of the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, I feel like I am part of something. It is like having a personal trainer three times a week. In every class, I get the special one on one attention, guidance, encouragement and instruction that I need to push me toward my goals. Over the last year, I have worked out consistently, learned to watch what and when I eat, and I’ve lost those 60 pounds! I just bought my first pair of size 4 jeans since high school and am on my way to a healthier lifestyle. I have more confidence now that I have had in a really long time, and most importantly, I feel better physically than I have since I was 18 years old. I have accomplished so much more than I ever thought possible, and I thank Ray and his staff of Trainers, Ray and James, for being a huge part of that. They have been an inspiration and that coupled with the positive encouragement from fellow members of the club has given me the self-confidence and motivation I needed to improve my health and fitness. I could never have done it on my own. Now, the club has become an important part of my life, I look forward to going at the end of the day, getting a great workout, and relieving the stress from work and school. Thank you Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for helping me to make a positive change in my life!


I have been a mother since I was 17 years old and have always felt everything else in life came before my needs. I’ve never been in shape, never had the commitment to do so, and I always felt like the fat, ugly girl in school. I joined Indianapolis Martial Arts Club when my 3rd child was only 5 months old and have been attending now for 6 months. I joined at first because I enjoyed Kickboxing, but I also really wanted something “out of my comfort zone”. Everyone thought I was crazy, although I’m lucky in the fact that I have tremendous support from my husband and draw needed strength from him. Since I’ve started I’ve grown stronger than ever. I can accomplish more sit-ups, push ups and squats than I’ve ever been able to do in my life! I’ve dropped 10 lb.., so far, and my body composition has changed tremendously! I don’t ever want to stop! My day is completely out of whack if I miss a training session. I’ve learned so much since I began my journey at I.M.A.C., not only about Muay Thai Kickboxing, but about myself and what I can and want to do.

I want my kids to look up to me and be proud. I want to know I worked hard and can take care of myself. My goals have changed a lot, but mainly to continue learning, advancing and being able to stand in a ring and fight with confidence someday. The Instructors have given me more than I could ever write down or express to anyone. I am blessed that I have found the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club and are truly thankful for the help, guidance, and encouragement of the Staff.




I really wanted to get in shape and become involved in an exercise program that wouldn’t burn me out or be boring. I stopped in at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club and met an instructor who suggested I do a trial run. After that trial my whole life changed! I knew at that moment, Kickboxing was what I wanted to do. At first I couldn’t believe how hard of a workout I got. It felt great to feel every muscle in my body receive some exercise and work up a hard sweat. I couldn’t wait for my next class! After about eight classes my body started to really tone up and I started to lose more and more weight. Now I weigh about 150 lb. (From 175lbs) and I feel Great! Since learning martial arts, I have changed mentally as well. My thoughts and actions are completely different from what they used to be, and my wife can’t believe how much I’ve changed -I have more patience and don’t become quite as upset when things go wrong. I am more focused and my endurance level is higher -I am not as run down at the end of the day and I have more energy to spend on the things I enjoy. The instructors at I.M.A.C. take the time to get to know you so they can help you in any way possible. They have become good friends, and I know you can’t find friends like this anywhere, but I did at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club.



I reached a point in my workout where I was just not losing any weight, wasn’t gaining, but stuck. I decided it was time for a change and take the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club up on the Free Trial Offer posted on the side of their building that I had driven by most everyday for five years. All I can do now is kick myself for not starting sooner; in 6 months I lost 16lbs. and trimmed my body fat by 6%. I’m in better shape now than I was when I wrestled in high school! All I needed was the push to work harder and set goals for myself. The instructors and I.M.A.C. definitely help you accomplish that! I was hooked after one lesson. Thanks IMAC for helping me get back into some of my old clothes I thought I would never fit into again!




April 2006 I tipped the scales at 219 lbs, which for me is extremely over weight. A lot of things ran through my mind, high blood pressure, potential diabetes, heart disease and over all health problems. At that time I decided my life drastically needed a paradigm change. I then began to ponder on past attempts at weight loss; for example, lifting weights, running (how about those knees, shins, hips and ankles), tread mills (running in one place with no scenery change gee what fun) and jujitsu. I had to admit that martial arts yielded the best results in the past. Although jujitsu is a great martial art and workout, I just do not feel it is a well rounded self defense art. Not to mention the way the school is teaching to kick and punch, just did not make since. Now I faced the daunting task of figuring out what martial art I would like to study, and most importantly finding a good school. Most instructors teach part time and have few years of experience at what they are trying to teach. Not to mention all the hidden cost of testing for belt programs and training with young kids. I want a school that has the complete package with professional trainers who have the patients to teach an extremely out of shape guy with two left feet. I am talking very little athletic ability here and it shows. Now that is a tall order to find such a school in the US let alone Indiana.

I began my search via internet and found a very interesting web sight for Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. I took the time to read every thing on the web sight. I was very impressed with all the information about Muay Thai and the school. The fact that someone had taken the time to design such a professional web sight meant a lot to me. I have to admit after visiting I looked no further. I decided to call and inquire about the school and spoke with Ray Sarkine . I learned a lot in a very short time by speaking with Ray, he has a very strong passion for martial arts and teaching others. I then went to see the school and complete my evaluation into the art of Muay Thai. Just in watching the class it was evident that students had great respect, not only for Ray and staff, but also for each other. I could feel the strong passion for this incredible art and way of teaching. The level of energy in the room was intense to say in the least. I then was introduced to the art of Muay Thai.

I have to admit, usually I am not one to jump into things, or making quick decisions, and deep down inside I knew this is what I was looking for and signed up. After a few short weeks of training in level one I could see changes in my body. The pounds were starting to melt off. I was sleeping better, I had more energy. I was simply amazed at how much flexibility my body had gained. My first day I could barley bend over let alone sit in the splits. If someone had told me how flexible I was going to be in a few months I would have never believed it. Within a few months I had lost 35 lbs and was moving on to level two where the focus and intensity is at a much higher pace. I also started level 3, and have now participated in a few level 4 classes; it was here that I gained great appreciation and respect for the more advanced students. I was greatly impressed at how everyone was very patient with me, how they fought at my level and not their level where I would have been quickly pummeled; everyone was encouraging and showed much respect for each other and the art of Muay Thai.

It is truly amazing the amount of stress our bodies takes on daily at work and with life in general. My body is most relaxed after class and life has a very serene feel when driving home. I find myself dealing with stressful situations better. I encourage people to perform to the best of their ability, to make the best out of every situation; you know the glass half full philosophy, and most importantly to never give up. I also enjoy showing up for class early, there is plenty of laughing and kidding around, Ray is always telling jokes and finding humor in the day to day events with life. I truly appreciate this. During class when training, Ray works with each and every person, he truly cares about each and every student and making them better. I find Ray to be an excellent philosopher not only in martial arts but also with life in general. The classes, his passion for learning how to teach others and the art of Muay Thai is constantly in a state of evolution to improve each and every day. Striving to make all of us better, to build character, to set goals, be healthy and eat healthy, and work together as a team.

There has also been additional training outside of class, for example Bo-Staff training, boxing seminars, and jujitsu and nutrition seminars. There have been collections take at some of these seminars and that money went to Riley hospital. A ladies only self defense class that was basically free to anyone interested. There have been classes about philosophy and Dharma study where we learned how to understand the mind and our ability to control our body, rid our mind of all thoughts, and improve breathing, and heart rate through meditation. To stay focused, stay on the correct path and to achieve enlightenment. My life has improved immensely since joining IMAC. I have many new friends, better self-esteem, and self-discipline, commitment, and charter, inner and outer strength. I am much healthier, and overall a happier person. I found what I have been looking for, what has been missing from my life. The value far exceeds the cost here. Thanks Ray for being there for all of us, for sharing your passion for Muay Thai and life. I look forward to the next class, also the next level 4 and my first fight. Seeing all my new friends at class and striving with each person to be the best that we can be. I have to thank James and all my fellow students at IMAC for working with me, being patient. I am truly thankful for and proud to be a student of IMAC.




When I first walked into Indianapolis Martial Arts Club I wasn’t sure what to expect except for a good hard workout. After my first summer training at IMAC I lost about 30 lbs! But sadly I had to go back to school. I felt great because Ray and his staff had taught me to believe in myself and push me physically but more importantly they pushed me mentally. I was able to do things I didn’t believe I could and I was amazed. IMAC has a very friendly atmosphere where people come together, have a good workout, and most importantly have fun while learning a very effective Martial Art! Even while being away at school the training Ray taught me at IMAC and the attitude they gave be about working out was enough for me to keep the weight I lost during the summer off during the school year. During my spring break, I even came back to train with Ray because lifting weights at school just wasn’t cutting it and I needed a good hard sweat! I would recommend anyone to Ray if they wanted to learn about Thai Boxing and have a good workout.




7 Weeks. A lot of shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’ can happen in that time. But not for me! Not this year. In the 7 weeks I have been a member of the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, I have lost 4 pounds of real fat. I have also increased muscle actually am beginning to look good in tank tops again! When I started, I was a size 12, inching to a 14. Now, I am in a size 10 and even those are getting baggy! I have started to fit into some of my size 8 pants and skirts. The other night I went through my closet and tried on clothes I hadn’t worn in a year or two. Not only did they fit, but I looked GREAT in them. What a feeling! Yes, the outward appearance has improved and the numbers are changing. However, I am not one to focus on that. More importantly, what I am learning and experiencing here has transcended into every other area of my life. I choose foods differently, I shop differently, and I have been reminded to encourage others.

My experiences have also had a very positive effect in my classroom where I teach 25 first graders. I can’t describe to you how much more confident I am. I worry less and I find myself handling stressful situations better. The best I feel ALL WEEK is when I drive home from class on Monday and Wednesday nights. My husband can’t stop commenting on the new me. Really it’s not a new me, it’s the old me that has been covered up by long hours, fast food, and the constant feeling of being tired. He says I’m back to the same person he married four years ago. I feel this difference as well! I have always enjoyed being active but I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself extremely athletic. I have always tried to stay fit. I dreaded going to the gym and never looked forward to the at home workouts. I did them because I knew I had to. Even then, I still didn’t see the results I wanted. I can’t wait to go to the IMAC each week and work out. I have FINALLY found something I love that takes care of me, inside and out. Thank you Ray and James for all you have done. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store.




I joined the club for stress relief and to lose weight. While I have reached a better physical fitness level, the increase in my self-confidence has been the benefit I like the most and it is directly related to my Kickboxing training. The Indianapolis Martial Arts Club is a great place to increase your physical fitness, learn new skills and have FUN!



In the past year and a half Iíve spent learning Thai Kickboxing at I.M.A.C. has been challenging, fun and educational! Iíve made a lot of progress, both physically and otherwise. I love the friendly atmosphere at the Club. The Indianapolis Martial Arts Club is excellent.




I started attending Indianapolis Martial Arts Club in August 2005 because I needed to mix some cardio in with my weight routing. At that time I weighed 265 lbs. and I thought that I was in good shape. Since then, IMAC has helped me to get into the best shape of my life! Currently I weigh 210 lbs. and I am training for World Championships coming up in August. My target weight to get down to is around 195 and with IMAC I should have NO problem doing so. I could not even imagine what shape I would be in if it wasn’t for IMAC. The club is a positive atmosphere where one can get into shape and relieve stress.

The instructors help students to push themselves and are constantly teaching new things. One can tell that the Instructors care about the students and thrive on making them better. So anyone that is looking for a good workout, something to do to lose weight, or just an overall good experience I would recommend giving Indianapolis Martial Arts club a try to see for yourself. I am just one of the many that have seen results after joining IMAC. I can’t thank the instructors enough for the accomplishments I have made at the Club and the ones that I will continue to make. Thanks Ray and everyone at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club.



Hindsight is an amazing thing. How many times have you said if I knew that back then I would have…? That is what I think about when I show up at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club every day. My experience there in the last fifteen months has been incredible. I have dropped 3 pants sizes and over 40 pounds. But that is not what keeps me coming back. It is the art of Muay Thai kickboxing. I strive to learn more everyday. I love that when I leave the gym there is a million things that I can work on! I am always trying to better myself. It makes working out fun and enjoyable. I never look at it as working out I look at it as learning an art. The second thing that attracts me to I.M.A.C. is the people. I moved to Indianapolis with no friends and I found a family at the school. People at the there are so nice and warm. The people at I.M.A.C. keep me coming back because I know they will always be there for me. Not only are the students great but also the trainers are wonderful. The trainers are always helping. The trainers always know your limits but help you pass your limits by making you better. Indianapolis Martial Arts Club has taught me discipline that I can apply to my personal life, career, and also school. It has taught me that hard work pays off. I.M.A.C. has been a great influence on my life.




After taking a year and a half away from I.M.A.C. and then coming back, I can honestly say that there is no other experience like it. In my absence I tried cardio kickboxing, regular martial arts, and taekwondo at several different gyms across the Indianapolis area and none of their workouts or instruction came close to the level I was used to from the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. If you are craving individual attention, intense workouts, practical self-defense, or if you want something more than the usual, the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club is by far the only place to be, if either you are brand new or have been a member for years.




I’ve been kickboxing for almost 3 years now and have trained at some of the best gyms in the country. When I moved from California to attend graduate school here in Indiana my expectations for finding a true Muay Thai Gym were less than optimistic. Countless schools claim to instruct the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing, but few really appreciate and understand the martial art, it’s origin, or teach with any degree of competency. I feel very fortunate to have found the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club! This letter alone cannot express the gratitude I have for the school and it’s instructors. Their focus on proper technique, form, and correct drills allows for thorough development and considerable results. In addition, they put a strong emphasis on discipline, hard work, and a positive mental attitude. These things make I.M.A.C. a great place to train!



I.M.A.C. has been a wonderful experience for me. I went to at least 5 or 6 different gyms/martial arts schools here in Indianapolis before coming to Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. As soon as I sat in on the very first class I saw the big differences between I.M.A.C. and the others I have visited. Not only does the Club teach practical, realistic self-defense techniques, they also offer seminars on different styles and weapons. The classes will really get you conditioned! Last year I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (colon disease) due to which I lost a lot of weight and my energy level went straight down. I lost all the size I worked so hard to get weightlifting and working out became more of a chore than recreation. Since joining I.M.A.C I feel in better shape than I have in a very long time and I enjoy working out again.



Ray, I would like thank you for all that you and your staff have taught me over the last few years. I have learned things about inner strength, health, and determination that I will carry with me.



In 1998, I was looking to get back into Martial Arts. I hadnít done any serious training since I graduated college back in 1992. I have a Black Belt in Hapkido as well as extensive experience in other Martial Arts (i.e. Judo, Aikido, Tae-Down-do, Wrestling, Isshin-RyuKarate and weapons training as well) I tried a few places around the Indianapolis area but just wasnít satisfied with their level of training. I heard about the Indianapolis Martial Arts club from a couple of friends who had visited for a trial session. I came to I.M.A.C. and sat down with the Chief Instructor and was invited to come back later to witness a couple of training sessions. After viewing the classes, I knew that this school would offer me the challenge I was seeking. The Indianapolis Martial Arts Club has an excellent training regimen, and some of the best instruction Iíve ever received. I also found a true appreciation for Muay Thai Kickboxing and Western Boxing. Studying these Martial Arts have shown me first hand the bad habits Iíve picked up over the years with the other Arts, and introduced me to a completely new system of training and self-defense.

I truly appreciate how the classes have a cohesive structure, but a very flexible workout routine and training regimen. Sessions may consist of boxing and defense drills, another may focus specifically on physical conditioning, and the next may consist of kicking drills and defense against attacks. The staff takes ownership of your development and works hard to ensure you work towards your maximum potential (Yet keep the environment friendly and fun). Everyone is treated with respect and given a high level of personal instruction. If youíre looking to get in shape, learn practical fighting techniques, and to improve your focus and self-discipline, this (I.M.A.C.) is definitely the place for you!



As I go into my third year of membership, I can say with sincerity that my life has been enriched by my experience at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. When I started, my goals were lofty; I knew that I would like to become stronger and knew that I needed a more effective means by which to relieve stress. In both areas, I feel I have made strides, but that is not all that has kept me at I.M.A.C….

Although there are days when I don’t feel like coming in, something draws me back. Even though there are times when it takes me an hour to get through traffic, I still return. It’s not because I have nothing else to do, because like everyone else at I.M.A.C, my life is a balance between school, work and everyday life. The reason I have stayed goes beyond that fact that I have gained nearly twenty-five pounds of muscle and only one dress-size. It is not even due to the distinction of winning the IKF North American Muay Thai Championship this year. I have stayed at I.M.A.C. because when I get terrified before my fights, the trainers and students at I.M.A.C. Are always there.

I have stayed because I know that when I feel busy and tired, so does everyone else. I have stayed because I have learned invaluable lessons from the people who have defeated me when I needed it the most. But mainly, I have stayed at The Indianapolis Martial Arts Club because in doing so, I have come to appreciate the discipline, patience and perseverance that are needed to succeed in anything. It is possible to exercise anywhere, and it is possible to fight without training, but I know that for me, that will never again be acceptable. I’m not just a member of a gym, I’m a student learning the efficiency of Muay Thai Kickboxing from the best, and luck is infatuated with the efficient.



I have been attending the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for a little over 2 months. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I’ve lost 45 lb.! The workouts are great! I highly recommend Muay Thai Kickboxing training at I.M.A.C. for someone who wants to get in shape fast and also learn quality Martial Arts Training at the same time.




Ray, I wanted to express my gratitude to both you and your assistants for introducing me to the sport of Muay Thai. The art has transformed my attitude and confidence, not to forget about the effects on my health conscience! In all sincerity, the best decision I made in my life was to join IMAC. Thanks for giving me a chance to improve myself both physically and mentally. It is a debt I will never be able to repay. If my career brings me back to Indianapolis, I hope I am welcome to rejoin your club. Best of Luck



I joined IMAC just over two years ago to see what the world of martial arts was really about. I was a life long athlete who thought that nobody could seriously challenge my athleticism, but man was I wrong. The Muay Thai workouts at IMAC are demanding, fun and very intense.

None of my other workout routines have ever sculpted my body and mind like the ones I get at Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. The mental and physical focus I get from my workouts not only improved my body but also my work and social life. The stress that I was carrying around with me about school, work and home disappears when I am at IMAC.

I would like to thank everyone at IMAC for providing the nurturing but tough environment that helps me push my mind and body to their limits. If it were not for other students and trainers I would be overweight and out of shape, but most importantly I wouldn?t be half the person I am today. The environment at IMAC is unlike anything else I have ever experienced in my life and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their body and their life.



Being with Kru Ray and and IMAC has been nothing but a positive experience over the past five years. Not only do they provide a great method to get in shape, and NOT get bored, they provide excellent instruction. It’s few and far between when you can find a coach, mentor or teacher that knows what they’re doing, but it’s like a diamond in the rough when you can find one that has a passion for teaching. The day I walked into IMAC I had no idea 5 years later I would be capable of fighting at a competitive level, let alone nearly 60lbs lighter. Persistence, as Kru Ray preaches, has been key, but with such a fun and diverse activity that is Muay Thai, it’s not difficult. Whether it’s staying in shape by taking basic classes or full out competition training, IMAC has what it takes.




As I walked in IMAC for the first time almost 2 years ago I had no idea what to expect, I only knew that I needed a positive change in my life. After speaking with Ray and his staff I was very interested in their program and was excited to see what they could teach me. Not only did I get in the best shape of my life, I gained more confidence and self respect that I had lost in the midst of daily routine and work related stress over the years.
Ray and his staff are always teaching me something new and encouraging me to do my best. The workouts are extremely fun and exciting. I always look forward to attending class and learning the art of Muay Thai from Ray and James. They are both very dedicated to Martial Arts and teaching others the respect and dedication needed to be involved in this sport.
I can truly say that I have met some amazing and inspirational people at IMAC. I am happy to be part of this organization and feel it has changed my life. I am not the same person I was when I first walked into the gym and I owe it all to Ray and James for helping me reach my full potential.




“Since I started Training I’ve lost 25 pounds!” “I’ve got much more confidence” “I also have more energy at work” “I get a great workout and have a lot of fun!”



I came to I.M.A.C. with high hopes that I would finally lose the last of those unwanted pounds and once and for all get into shape. I was looking for something that would keep my interest and give quick results! At this point I had tried every type of workout possible. After visiting the school and watching a class in action I knew this was the workout for me. In only three months I have lost over 22 inches and a total of fifteen pounds! Not only have I lost weight I have learned a great deal about the art of Kickboxing and I look forward to coming to my classes as often as I can. I highly recommend Kickboxing to anyone that wants and needs a challenge and doesn’t want to get bored.



I was looking for a workout that was both challenging and interesting. Lifting weights and running are good workouts, but they get routine and boring after a while. So when I joined Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, I wanted a demanding workout that would keep me coming back for more. It was the best decision I ever made! The workouts are incredible! I like the emphasis on physical fitness. When I joined in June 2003, I weighed 194 lb.. By September my weight was down to 164 lb.. I lost 30 lb. in 4 months! Kickboxing workouts help you to lose weight, get in shape and learn a new skill while you’re at it.
There are plenty of classes to fit my schedule, and I try to attend regularly. The workouts are structured and intense. I always feel good after one. I found that the instructors are committed to bringing out the best in every student. They are demanding, yet also friendly, positive and approachable. All the instructors pitch in to teach the students proper form and technique. I really like the supportive atmosphere at the school. Many things that are taught go beyond just Thai kickboxing to apply to your whole life. Intense, exciting, educational, holistic, positive ñ Kickboxing at I.M.A.C. is all these things and more. I can’t wait for my next class!



If someone was to ask me who and what I would be if I had never joined I.M.A.C. the answer would be simple–I sure wouldn’t be the man I am today. For one thing I would be fat, out of shape, and have at least the 25 lb. I’ve lost back on! But, worst of all as a human being I would have no drive, no fire, and certainly no passion for anything much in my life other than to get by day by day blurring the differences between going to work and going to sleep. Making a true commitment to my Training has been the best thing that ever happened to me! Working out and learning Kickboxing and Martial Arts has been a shot in the arm of pure rejuvenation.

The classes are intense, but very rewarding and fun. In less than six months I lost the 25 pounds and am now in the best shape of my life! I.M.A.C. has a staff that truly cares and they’ve made me love to learn and practice. I know I will love this for the rest of my life. I’ve learned humility and have also learned patience. The lessons I have learned have reflected on all aspects of my life giving me drive and passion in everything I do in life now.




As 2005 came to a close I found myself in a personal and professional rut. I was looking and needing something in my life not knowing exactly what it was. Being an individual in the health/fitness profession, a former division one athlete, and an adult that has struggled with weight issues her entire life, I have seen and done almost everything out there to get in shape and lose weight. Within the first lesson at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, I had found what it was I was missing.

I found a program that actually produces results and people who are truly committed to supporting me. I would like to say that the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club has only given me a program that has changed my life, but they have given me MORE than that. They have given me the perspective that I deserve to live a happy, healthy life and tools to do so. They have restored my belief that I am worth the time, money, or any other excuse I could come up with for not taking control of my health.





I walked into IMAC a tad overconfident in my skills and a little irritated that I had to spend money on an introductory lesson that I didnít feel I needed considering that I’ve been kickboxing on and off For about a decade. After all, what could a little gym in Indianapolis offer that Fairetex, my current gym in San Francisco, couldn’t? It took IMAC instructor par excellence, less than 5 minutes to show me. As he watched me execute basic punches and kicks, he made suggestions for each that immediately increased my accuracy, speed, and power. He presented the practical theory behind each of the suggestions he made and took time to demonstrate them himself.

It was one of the most informative and frustrating training sessions I’ve ever had. There would be many more before my two months in Indy were over. Ray Sarkine’s training philosophy, as demonstrated to me by himself and his Assistant James, includes extensive technique work and individual attention (even in group classes) that far surpasses any training Iíve received in both the United States and Australia. After only two months of training with Ray at IMAC, I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years. Do not pass up an opportunity to work with this Man.



In the summer of 2005 I found out I had a brain tumor. I was told the tumor was large but operable and most likely benign. Not the kind of news that a healthy 38 year old expects. Facing the possibility of needing brain surgery, I decided that being overweight and out of shape was not acceptable. I needed to find a way to get in shape fast! Iëve tried all sorts of other exercise programs, but I wouldnít see results fast enough. Iíd end up getting discouraged and bored and eventually just quit. I needed to find some way to get in shape fast and keep me committed to doing the work needed.

I found the IMAC website and thought that Kickboxing might be the answer I was looking for. And it was! In 2.5 months, I dropped 2 sizes, gained a lot of strength and confidence. I felt better about myself than I have in years! My surgery was a success, 100% removal of the tumor. My recovery was quick and painless. After 6 weeks, I was back to work full-time. I owe a lot to Ray, and the other trainers for getting me prepared mentally and physically for this ordeal. Thanks guys! IMAC is the best!


My Name is Tony Head. I am 37 years old and have been kickboxing over 5 years. The last four of these years Iíve been studying, competing and training under Ray Sarkine at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. These past four years have made a tremendous difference in my skill. I originally started at a gym that taught you some basic kicking, punching, and a few other techniques but they really never taught you any practical application or how things work together when you actually needed it to. While I at the first gym I had my first competitive fight. It was an eye-opening experience! People told me I did well but I felt like I got crushed! A few months later I started at I.M.A.C. with Ray and I learned a lot more than ever before right away.

I learned defense skills and real applications for the first time. If I had learned just these two important concepts before my first bout, maybe the outcome would have been different! Being at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club has really helped educate me about the true art of Thai Kickboxing. I enjoy always learning more and feeling like I am bettering myself. The atmosphere at I.M.A.C. is not like the other gym, it isnít about who is better, but, of learning and the drive to better ones self physically and mentally. I feel so strongly about Ray and I.M.A.C. That I know I am going to be a lifelong member.



I learned more about speed, power, balance, and footwork from Ray Sarkine and the other trainers at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club in my first 4 months of kickboxing than I did in the 4 years I spent earning a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. More importantly, I learned about myself. Ray teaches you to believe in yourself by pushing you to your limit and then challenging you to go beyond ñ both mentally and physically. After being involved in a variety of arts and sports I can honestly say there is no workout like it! I.M.A.C. is simply the best martial arts studio around.



Dan-proud parent of NICK….went on to become Silver Gloves Champion,

Ray, A quick thanks to you and your entire staff of I.M.A.C. for all that you have done for my son. His overall physical conditioning has greatly improved. Everything from his balance, strength, quickness and agility has reached a new level for him. That says a lot, because as you know he plays elite soccer and was in good shape to begin with. My wife and I can’t say enough about how you and the staff have also helped him to become more focused, more disciplined more responsible and more appreciative. We have seen such a drastic improvement in so many areas of his life. It has been wonderful to watch. I look forward to having you work with my youngest daughter soon. Again, thank you for a wonderful experience.



When I first joined IMAC (Indianapolis Martial Arts Club) in November of 2003, I was a bundle of stress that was going to drive me to an early grave if something wasn’t done. I had taken a new job in Indianapolis and had been living in a suitcase for about two months. I was trying to find a house, sell a house, move a family of 4 across two states, enroll kids in school …I think you get the idea. I was eating take out and getting little exercise and knew I needed to get back into shape. As a parent, you want to be there for your children and protect them from danger. I started to realize that I was so out of shape that if there was a situation that required me to protect or save my family (my nightmare was trying to save them from a burning house) I could not because I was so out of shape. I have lifted weights for years but was looking for something to help with my cardio. I hate running and any type of aerobic workout bores me. That when I started to think about boxing or martial arts. I looked around and visited a couple of gyms but realized most of the members where as out of shape as worse or me.

Then I visited IMAC to watch a couple of sessions and to take a couple private lessons with one of the trainers. A year and half later I am still here. In my opinion, Ray and the trainers want you to succeed both in the gym and in life. The fellow students (I call them students, anyone can be a member but a student wants to learn and improve themselves) are great to work with, willing to help, and fun to be around. During this past year and a half, life has continues to pile on the stress but thanks to the Ray and the trainers at IMC I no longer have the nightmare about protecting or saving my family. People deal with stress in many different ways; alcohol, drugs, food, and stress manifest itself in the body in the form of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and ulcers. The way I deal with stress in a healthy fun filled atmosphere is to go to IMAC and kick its ass three times a week.




The IMAC has provided me with a greater fitness level and strength training. I enjoy the classes and learning from the instructors. It is helpful to have such supportive classmates with whom you train with. I look forward to classes each week. It is an ever changing environment and there is always room for improvement. I have participated in many different fitness programs and training classes and the unique experience I have had at IMAC is that I felt a genuine desire by my instructors and classmates to see everyone reach there full potential.




It’s just a great feeling to say I belong to a great organization such as Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. People will ask me how I like it, and I cant help but smile and say I love it. There is something to be said when you leave exhausted and usually sore or hurting, but yet keep coming back for more. I have always been the type to be in and out of gyms, sometimes you like and other times you don’t. I have found taking Muay Kickboxing here I am NEVER bored or get complacent in what I am doing. The Instructors here always have something different to do to keep you on your toes. I challenge anybody to go to a gym and try to get what you can here at IMAC. I know from personal experience for me anyway it can’t be done.

I work in a highly stressful job where I have three airline companies depending on me to keep them up and running. It’s so nice to come here and totally forget about everything else that is going on in my life. I have never been able to think about anything else during my class but class itself.

The health benefits you get from IMAC are worth more then any membership cost. I have been doing this now for 7 months and I can tell I am getting stronger and more fit with every class. I also find it to be a great diet plan. If you like to eat badly this is the place for you. Cause let me tell you there is nothing worse then eating a bad meal and coming in to this class and getting an awesome workout. I refuse to eat bad anymore on any days that I have class as I don’t want to punish my self.





This Training Program has benefited me by choosing to get healthier. I’m eating healthier. I make better decisions regarding my goals in life in general. I have lost 15 pounds and have more energy. Thank you soooo much!



When i reached 255lbs, i knew it was time for a change.i’ve got two young children, and needed to find the energy to keep up. so far after only 4 mo. of training, twice a week, i’ve lost 30lbs. most of all it has given back to me what i needed all along. the confidence and will to make the changes nessessary. thanx to everyone at the school.



I started attending the IMAC January 4th 2007 unsure of what I was getting myself into. As a child I was very sick w/ asthma and spent the first 12 years of my life attached to a breathing machine 3 or 4 times a day therefore, I had never once played a sport in my life. Prior to Muay Thai I was very dedicated to weight lifting and had a false sense of being in shape and knowing how to defend myself. Within weeks I was completely addicted to Muay Thai I had good cardio for the first time in my life, my strength was up, and the gym experience is so much better.

Attending normal gyms you have excuses for skipping or not training hard but at the IMAC it s completely different. The instructors have a way of firing you up no matter how sick or tired you re feeling and they always provide a GREAT workout. Looking back at the last two years I have never once had a bad workout and I am confident in my self-defense skills if they are ever needed. Joining the IMAC was the best decision I have ever made. My confidence is sky high, I ve made many friends, and I have a great relationship with the Instructors. This is the only place I could have developed the conditioning, stamina, coordination and strength that I now have and otherwise never would have.




It is exhillarating and advantageous.I love the vigorous exercise that I get when I come to class. James the instructor is very optimistic and really good in what he do.It is a great school atmosphere and stress relief for me.




I began training at IMAC my junior year of high school as a way to stay in shape for wrestling during the off season. Thanks to Ray and James’ training my endurance, flexibility, agility, and mental toughness improved imensely. I ended up liking muay thai even better than wrestling. What i like most about IMAC is that you can take your training as far as you want to go. Alot of members participate for the fitness benefits, but it also allows me to train for and compete in real fights. I am currently training for the goden gloves boxing competition and having a blast while doing it.



I’ve been training at IMAC for about 2 years; Ray and James have helped me tremendously to develop an extremely fit, healthy, happy, competitive and disciplined part of myself. When I first walked into IMAC I felt that I was already in pretty good shape due to 7 years of service in the ARMY. I quickly realized that my fitness level could seriously improve!! Not to mention, I had picked up some bad habits for my health, that with encouragement from the instructors, and students, I was able to eliminate. I instantly felt a sense of camaraderie at IMAC.

Even though everyone is at their own level of fitness, and have their own amounts of knowledge about the art, you feel like you are still part of a team. The more advanced people help you get better, and eventually you will help improve someone else at something. A couple of months into Muay Thai, I saw changes in my body. I was at a normal weight for my height, and my weight never changed, but my shape did. I lost fat, my jeans fit better and my muscles were more toned. Soon there after, I became addicted! Every class you attend at IMAC provides you with a constant personal challenge. I like the fact that you can never completely conquer Muay Thai. I love the fact that I’m always learning more about myself, others and life through Muay Thai. I am very proud to say I’m part of the IMAC family.




I have received numerous benefits since I’ve been attending classes at I.M.A.C., my arms are slimmer, my legs leaner, and my overall physique is stronger. The classes at I.M.A.C. aren’t only great workouts; they’re a lot of fun and easy to follow! I haven’t only had physical results, I’ve noticed I’m a lot calmer in my everyday life and I also sleep better!! The staffs at I.M.A.C. are great guys who are professional, friendly, and dedicated to helping their students achieve their goals. I.M.A.C. is a wonderful gym and I’m proud to be a member!



I joined The Indianapolis Martial Arts Club looking for something new and challenging. I was more than satisfied the first week with my decision. I met with Kru Ray and James to discuss my goals. They were both interested in what I had to say and still remain very supportive in my plan to better myself physically.

Ray has helped me with my overall fitness as well as a more positive spiritual outlook on things. The classes are extremely challenging but I believe that is what keeps me coming back for more. The friendships that I have developed in the club are those for a lifetime. The respect and support the students all have for each other is obvious the first day you attend a class.

If you are over the monotony of the gym and the conventional “dance” classes the gym offers then this is the place for you.

As Kru Ray says; the only thing that follows hard work is RESULTS!



There are three Bruce Lee quotes that come to mind to help explain what I have to say. Your gym and the Muay Thai training you offer has changed my life for the better, and these best describe my feelings. “The change is from inner to outer.” One change is that dedication is more important to me than it ever has been. Loyalty to this training is a new virtue. I never miss a class. I do everything I can to be at least an hour early. I’m learning to push myself physically more than ever. Whether it’s jumping rope, partner work, or bag work, I always break a sweat. “Strive to be better.”

This program has helped me regain my self-esteem. Pessimism has always worked out for me until I started these classes. I’ve always been hard on myself to the point of not even wanting to try anymore. These classes have taught me to turn my negative thoughts into positive inspiration. My built-up stress from work and life all disappears when I walk through those doors. Now I take that positive energy back outside with me when I leave. I’m relieved of my daily tension, and feeling of struggle. “Don’t fear failure.” This class experience has put me mentally and physically in a place I want to stay. My mind and body are both stronger, and I even feel like a fighter. I could not have picked another activity that would have produced the results that I so quickly acquired. Failure does not get in the way of anything for me anymore. Thank you for your knowledge, generosity, and efforts to help and change lives of complete strangers for the better.

Sincerely, Drew





I’ve been working out in gyms for years, with no real results. I tried personal trainers, it just got to be expensive and I still felt like I was walking around in circles. Joining this club has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I always get an unbelievable workout. Forget the gym, THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!

5 Star Google Review
Going to the gym gets old and boring. If you want to get in shape and have fun doing it. This is it! I would definitely recommend.



I look forward to every class because they are very challenging. I leave there feeling good about the workout I get. Since joining, I have noticed a difference in my endurance level.I have lost about 20 lbs. I feel less stress and this helps me sleep better and have more energy during the day. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I have learned great tips about training.




I trained briefly in martial arts in college, but I wasn’t succeeding. I’d found an instructor that insisted that “pads aren’t realistic,” and ran a very aggressive school. There was no separation between advanced students and beginners, every day was full-go, all-out action, and the whole approach was pretty much “sink or swim.” After about six months of getting thrown around and limping home after every lesson, I called it quits – I wasn’t getting in better shape, I wasn’t improving my technique, and wasn’t enjoying the classes. I remained interested in martial arts, but this negative experience had me wondering if I was ever going to attempt training again. About eight years later, my concerns about my level of fitness convinced me to give martial arts another shot and led me to IMAC. The IMAC model couldn’t be more different from the “hard knocks” approach I’d experienced with the other instructor. They acknowledge that some students are just interested in the workout, and at no point are you pressured to fight at all. When I did chose to move up to contact sparring and fighting, there was never an expectation that I’d face an opponent that was out of my league – Kru Ray and James gradually brought me along until I was competent and confident, and never threw me in over my head. Their instruction has brought me to a point where I’m working on advanced tactics with the experienced fighters, and it’s incredibly challenging – both physically and mentally. It’s also incredibly rewarding to refine my form, cure holes in my defense, add new aspects to my offense, and see myself progress as a fighter a little more every day. The changes I’ve undergone since I started training at IMAC have exceeded any expectation I could have had. I’ve met all my fitness goals – I’m thirty pounds lighter than the day I walked in the door four years ago, and I’m in better shape at 33 than I was at 23. I went from being surly and confrontational to having a positive outlook and lower stress level, and it’s helped me a better husband and parent. The confidence and commitment I’ve developed at IMAC show in my career, where I’ve moved up from a difficult, dead-end situation to a better job with bigger responsibilities and new challenges. I’m thankful that my negative experience with the other instructor years ago wasn’t bad enough to keep me from giving IMAC a try, because training at IMAC has turned out to be one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.



I have been attending the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for over 10 months. I\’ve never experienced anything like it before. I have seen and done almost everything out there to get in shape and lose weight. Whitin the first lesson at the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, I finally found a program that actually produces results, and people who are truly committed to supporting me. I would like to say that Indianpolis Martial Arts Club has given me a program that has changed my life, but they have given me more than that. They have given me the perspective that I deserve to live a happy and healthy life. I am not the same person I was when I first walked into the gym and I want to say thanks to Ray and James for helping me reach my full potential. I am very proud to say that I am part of the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club family.



I have spent the majority of my life wrestling and always thought there is no sport any more demanding, that would provide more personal benefit nor personal satisfaction. As I aged and was unable to participate in the sport my physical fitness naturally began to deteriorate. My weight hit 205lbs, I’m 5’ 9”, and I knew something had to be done. I stopped in IMAC and spoke with James and took the initial lesson. One of my first thoughts after the lesson was, “why didn’t I do this ten years ago?” I have been training at IMAC now for nearly two years and always look forward to the next class. My physical fitness is outstanding, my weight is where it should be and my mind is in general clear and focused. Muay Thai is great! It is tremendously demanding, physically and mentally, provides satisfaction and benefits my life. IMAC is a great place to learn the art.




If you want to stay fat, lazy, and out of shape then this isn\’t the place for you! I first joined the IMAC after being talked into by a coworker of mine. I was the type of person that had never played any type of sports or had any type of martial arts training at all. After my first session with James I was hooked! The workouts are awesome, hard as hell, and pushed me to my limits every time I stepped into Ray\’s gym. I am in the best shape of my life and I feel great! Thank You IMAC for woopin\’ me into shape!




When I moved to Indianapolis just over 2 years ago, I knew I needed to make changes in my life. I work in a highly competitive, stressful industry, but at the time had been unable to find an outlet for my stress–I had gained weight, my blood pressure was elevated, my cholestrol was terrible and I was having trouble sleeping at night. I tried yoga, jogging, and many other forms of exercise, but could never find anything I wanted to stick with or that really helped me to reduce the constant stress I was under. I knew after the first class that I had finally found what I had been looking for. Since that time, I have lost weight, my blood pressure has dropped 20 points, my cholesterol is fabulous, and I am no longer having issues sleeping. Training with Ray and James has been the first time in years I have found an outlet for my stress. In class, you don\’t have time to think about anything else but training. Additionally, I love the camraderie and team work. I am not a great athlete, but everyone pitches in and helps you along–even if you\’re in the middle of a tough workout, you always know you have people supporting you. I have made some incredible friends at the club, and am so thankful for the experiences I have had. I can honestly say Ray and James have changed my life for the better.



Taking classes at the school has really helped me get back into shape! I still have a lot of work to do, but the classes keep me motivated and focused on my goals. I still cannot get over how Muay Thai kickboxing has increased my strength, flexibility and overall well-being. Thanks, Ray & James!
Sincerely, Stephanie




I joined the club because i was looking to find another form of cardio as running was taking a toll on my knees and ankles. I am an avid weight lifter and keep myself in what I believed was good shape. After a short time attending classed I realized I had a lot of work to do to get into the shape I thought I was in and to get to where I wanted to be. Ray, James and Trevor really push you through the workouts and encourage you to control your pace and complete the drills. There are times where you don’t think you can do anymore but you can and the instructors help you realize that. The feeling after a hard workout is one I can’t explain other than to say I feel AWESOME. I am 37 years old and am without a doubt in the best shape of my life. I never thought I would look the way I do which in turn has given me a tremendous amount of self confidence. I still have lots of work to do, and I know they will be there to assist me in reaching my goals, wheter it be just for fitness or to actually compete. Thanks Ray, James, and Trevor for all the help you have given me in my quest and I’m not done yet…




I have been involved in sports and fitness all of my life. When I first joined the gym i had been out of college for about three years and was looking for a challenge to get back into shape. I had tried several gyms around town working out, but I kept getting the same results. It was like a new years resolution constanley happening. I would do it for a short while but then loose interest. Having played college football i was looking for something challenging enough to keep me working at it; as well as fun enough to keep me involved. The Classes where exactley what I needed, they where difficult enough to push me, and even more challenging than I would have imagined, but we learned something new and different all the time. The constnet vareity in classes is what makes working out through kickboxing so much fun. Three years later im still training, and I love coming to class. Also the relationships that I have built up over the years helps to sustain me and keep me coming to class.




The IMAC has everything that makes a school truly excellent. The instructors have helped me in every stage of my training: Learning the basics, then getting in shape to be able to use them, learning to use them at real speed, and finally to be able to use them against a real opponent. During my training I have lost 20 lbs and competed in one amateur smoker fight. It was one of my proudest accomplishments to train and go the full distance in that fight. What takes the IMAC over the edge as a great place to learn is the attitude it promotes and fosters in the students. I feel more like everyone at the school is my teammate and that attitude makes me want to go to class to see them as much as the physical and mental benefits of the exercise.




I have been a member of the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club for over three years. I came seeking a way to relieve stress and I stay because I receive so much more. My greatest benefit has been increased energy. Before I began kickboxing, I had very little energy. I would hit the snooze button on my alarm at least three times every morning and never felt rested. Attending meetings at work was almost impossible because I could not keep my eyes open. Whenever driving long distances, I would frequently have to stop for naps. After I began my workouts at Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, I have energy and no longer have the problems I mentioned above. I am often up before the alarm rings and I feel rested. Physically I am more tone and flexible than I can ever remember. I have lost fat without giving up my chocolate. My clothes fit better and I even stand up straighter. Mentally I am clearer and more focused. I feel calmer and able to handle the things that come my way. I feel strong and confident. I believe I can accomplish just about anything now. I definitely feel less stressed. I have tried other programs in the past but this program provides a variety of workouts and I am always learning something new while at the same time practicing what I have already learned. It never gets boring. It is a fun and exciting atmosphere. Lots of friendly people with a common goal of being healthier and learning kickboxing. They help challenge me to go further and try harder. The instructors are patient and encouraging. Always pushing just enough to keep me moving toward my goal. I’ll keep coming back.




I began training at IMAC late may after my freestyle wrestling season. Coming to IMAC I was doing it to lose weight for wrestling season and to learn to fight. So I first I did not taking it that serious as I could. Even with that James and Ray didn’t give up on me and show me guidance and discipline. Not to be a brute fighter, but to better my life. With their support I lost 15 lbs increased my strength, flexibility, and endurance, not just making me a better person physical, but mental, and spiritual.The IMAC is an positive environment with greats teacher/Coach and new friends. Even with that there will be difficult times just remember every there to help and learn.



In March of 2007 I decided to commit myself to an exercise routine that would not only contribute to my health and well-being, but serve as a training and a discipline. I was so fortunate to have begun my practice at Indpls. Martial Arts Club when I did. I dropped 15 pounds and have kept it off. When I get in my 3 classes a week, I notice greater stamina, energy and clarity, not to mention that the classes are super fun and motivating that it makes you want to come back right away! I can\’t imagine my life without Muy Thai! Thank you Ray and James!




I thought I was in pretty good shape. I have a very physical job and thought that I could handle a new workout program pretty well. I was looking for something different than just going to the gym. I had a few pounds I wanted to lose, some areas I wanted to tone, and my blood pressure was borderline high. After only a couple of months I saw a significant difference in muscle tone, increased energy levels, and my blood pressure is now low normal without any medication. James and Ray are tough instructors but I leave each class knowing I had a great workout and looking forward to the next class.




After years of going to a traditional gym and getting no results, I realized it was time to try something completely different. At first I wasn’t convinced a 40 something contractor could keep up with the 20 somethings, but my concerns were unfounded. I found that the only one I was competing against was myself, and once I realized that I knew I couldn’t lose. My body started to react almost immediately, my stamina, strength and flexibility improved dramatically, I think I might have even have lost some weight, if not it definitely got rearranged. I am now in better shape than I was 20 years ago. The staff and students are friendly and helpful. The school has a real team atmosphere. From the student training for a fight to the person looking for an awesome workout, everyone works together. Joining I.M.A.C was probably the smartest thing I’ve done for myself. After several years I still look forward to class and find that I’m working harder and gaining more each class. I suspect this is just the beginning of a long journey.




After I graduated college, I moved back home to Indianapolis and was looking for a place to work out. I didn’t want to go to your standard gym. I wanted something more challenging. I have always loved the martial arts since I was a kid in karate class. IMAC beats both hands down. The classes at IMAC are the most intense work outs I’ve ever experienced. I\’ve increased my strength, endurance, flexibility, and even my confidence. I would recommend this for anyone just looking to get in shape all the way to someone really trying to push themself. Fitness is not the only benefit. You learn technical muay thai/kickboxing and practical self defense. The students are friendly and helpful, and the instructors are knowledgeable and dedicated. I have enjoyed all three years of my time at IMAC so far and don\’t plan on stopping anytime soon.



Since beginning lessons at IMAC, I’ve received numerous physical and mental benefits. I’ve reduced my overall level of stress, improved my mental clarity, and significantly improved my health, in general. I sleep better at night, I’m more focused, less anxious, and I’m in MUCH better shape than I was before starting. The classes taught at IMAC are very challenging, yet very rewarding. They strengthen the body and sharpen the mind. I have never had so much fun, while working so hard. The level of instruction is excellent, with every instructor being knowledgeable and genuinely concerned with the progress and safety of the students. If you put forth the effort, they will help you achieve your goals.




A few years after I moved here from Illinois I seen the website for IMAC and I\’ve always wanted to get into martial arts but never had the resources to do so, I\’ve always been active and love to workout so I thought training here would be easy and I found out fast how wrong I was!. The classes are very intense and not only a great way to workout but a great way to learn the best martial art there is Muay Thai. The staff does a great job in showing you what you need to know and works one-on-one with you if your having trouble. I have not only become a better person but I\’m in the best shape I\’ve ever been in. In a time where obesity and dieabeadies are at there highest the workouts are a great way to keep your body in top shape and the instructors to help push you and keep you motivated. Unlike alot of martial art training facilities at IMAC there is no push or no one that makes you fight but, if you want to, IMAC has the means and the strive to make you a muay thai world champion! I couldnt thank IMAC enough for everything they\’ve done for me from teaching me self-defense, to making me an overall better person. I do plan on in the near future to be a muay thai world competitor and I know Im in the best place to reach my goal!! Thanks IMAC!!




I have tried many different workouts but none have compared to the training I get at IMAC. Ray challenges me not only physically, but mentally. Training here isn’t about just learning how to fight, it’s about learning how to be a man/woman. There is no other training like this!




I have always loved combat sports, and wanted to learn a martial art. IMAC makes studying muay thai easy. Classes are scheduled during times that are convenient, and are held all week long. IMAC also makes sure everything is as safe as learning a martial art can be. I love the workouts and would recommend it to anyone wanting a different workout, or has always wanted to study a martial art that is real life applicable.




After getting transferred to Indianapolis, I was stressed and unhappy. I needed to make some changes and getting back in shape was first on my list. I’ve tried the gym memberships before, I’ve tried running, but just couldn’t stay interested or motivated enough to stick with it. I knew I needed something different and that’s what brought me to the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club. I enjoy learning Muay Thai and actually look forward to class after work. I went from 205 to 175lbs in 6 months and never felt better. Everyone at IMAC is supportive and I would recommend it to anyone.




In the beginning when i started this I didn\’t think I could accomplish as much as I did. I\’m happy with the outcome. Each day I think I have gotten better and learned something new. It has helped me as a person. To have a better additude and more confidence in myself. I couldn\’t have went to a better school. The encouragement you get is unbelievable. Never give up.




I started going to classes to supplement my running training. I was amazed by how hard Ray and James had us work. I left each class tired, but completely happy. Classes are fun and different every day. It’s not like the monotony of going to a gym and lifting weights or running on a treadmill. You can also count on the support of the other students. Everyone works together to help everyone improve.



Classes are fast paced, energized and interesting. I have a tendency to start workout programs and get bored very quickly. With IMAC there are so many different things to learn and you see positive changes in your body within weeks. It forces you to want to keep coming back to see how much more you can develop as well as how much better you can continue to look and feel!




Having been in martial arts for the past 20+ years (but away for a few) I am very grateful that I found the Indianapolis Martial Arts Club (IMAC). I wanted a place that had no internal politics, no crazy claims of lineage, and no martial arts \’fluff\’, but provided an opportunity to get back in fighting shape. IMAC was and is that place. This is not a strip mall martial arts club, a club trying to cash in on the MMA craze, or a club claiming ties to the Shaolin Temple. If you are looking for excellent technical instruction, a challenging and diversified workout, camaraderie, and an opportunity to be a better you, then take advantage of the free introduction course. \”Absorb what is useful; disregard that which is useless\”, Bruce Lee



Walking out of the gym and into class was the best decision I have made for my health! Since joining IMAC I have quit smoking cigarettes, started eating healthier and feel like I am getting in the best shape of my life. I have had a gym membership before and found that it was doing very little for me. I wasn\’t motivated and I didn\’t feel like I was getting the workout that I needed. I love classes at IMAC because I can feel myself getting stronger every week. I have actually had to go up a pant size since last year, I have gained that much muscle in my legs. The atmosphere is nothing but 100% supportive. Never have I felt singled out or like the low man on the totem pole. Everyone helps you improve yourself, every class. IMAC offers more than just an excellent workout. The school also provides tons of opportunities to get to know your classmates outside of a workout setting. It is great to finally have a decent place to meet people and make new friends with the same goals as you.



I have always been an active person between being a dancer & running track in high school and college. I started kickboxing at IMAC when I was in college. Since graduating & no longer having everyday track practices I have been able to maintain the exact same body I graduated with 2 years ago! I also appreciate the discipline that is maintained in every class. Muay Tai is an excellent work out & I have been able to use lessons taught in class to everyday life experiences!



When I first started IMAC, I was out of shape and overweight. Even worse, I had high blood pressure and cholesterol. I remember getting a physical prior to working out, and my blood pressure was 142/96, putting me in a very dangerous range for the age of 26 at the time. The American Heart Association calls high blood pressure the “silent killer”, something I was aware of and very concerned with. After joining, and working out, I ultimately lost over 40lbs and am still losing weight. My blood pressure dropped to 116/76 and my cholesterol dropped all into normal ranges. The difference in how I feel compared to before, is like night and day, and it\’s a great feeling. I had considered going on medication, as my doctor was going to recommend I do such if I didn’t turn it around in 6 months, but by the time I revisited I didn’t need any. In fact his words were along the lines of whatever you’re doing keep doing it because it’s working! On top of that, I don\’t know of anything else that is as effective at relieving the day to day stressors of life as a hard workout like this. Kru Ray and James are the best coaches and motivators. Everyone at IMAC has been very friendly and supportive, pushing myself more and more each workout every week. I have a blast in class, the atmosphere is great, and I actually look forward to it every week. That’s not very easy to say about any hard workout. Thanks IMAC!




I have been involved in sports my whole life at every level from recreational to semi-professional. I was looking for a place that would help me learn to defend myself while at the same time, helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle. I found these two things and more at IMAC. IMAC is able to cater to everyone’s needs- from beginners with little or no competitive sports experience to professional athletes. They have helped me reach all my goals…not one has been skipped. At IMAC, I have been able to increase my physical health, learn very effective and useful self defense techniques and I have also made good friends along the way who inspire and encourage me to improve in everything I do at the gym. I can and do, highly recommend IMAC to anyone who wishes to better themselves because without fail, it is a place that will help you realize your goals.




The school has given me more confidence and discipline. I have experienced more in my flexibility, speed and agility. I’ve gain a power I didn’t know I had. It’s also helped me with every sport I have played, Football, Shot Put and Basketball. I am a Muay Thai boxer.




It has always been a struggle to take myself to the gym to workout but now with IMAC, working out is now something i look forward to doing. i never had a boring session. kickboxing keeps me interested and wanting to do more. Thanks to the people of IMAC!



I have been training at IMAC for two years and am in level 3. The only time I have seen any instructor get rude (stern) is when the student is not trying or is giving attitude. I have had and continue to have a great time. I am always challenged and never find myself bored. They do not allow this to happen. If you are an egoist this is not the place for you. You have to be careful about Muay Thai training. There are so many fly by night gyms out there trying to teach Muay Thai and they have no experience. They are either former boxers or also teach zumba. You get what you pay for.



I started looking for a way to get in shape after hiking on vacation and not being able to keep up with my wife. For a long time, I had wanted to try martial arts. So when I found IMAC, I was definitely interested. Since I started a year ago, I have lost 25 pounds, my cardio is better than it has ever been, and I have the energy to do things that I haven’t been able to do since high school. I look forward to going to class every time because I know that even though it will be difficult, I will feel great afterward.



I’ve been with IM.A.C. for 6 months. In those 6 months, I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve never had more fun than training with I.M.A.C. Now, I’m training for my first fight to earn my trunks, and I can’t wait for the fight!




In a little less than a year at Indianapolis Martial Arts Club, I’ve lost 3 inches off my waist. I am no longer on anti-depressants for stress or statins for high cholesterol. I am 43 years old and I’m in the best shape of my life. If only I looked and felt this good 20 years ago!!!