Thanks for your interest!


We'll contact you soon to schedule your first visit.  Trials are offered on a first come, first serve basis and are limited to availability.   Respond promptly to ensure your schedule. Be sure your email filters don't block us. 


Q. How do I begin?

A.  Most new students begin with Free Private Lessons.  This lets our instructors customize the teaching pace to fit each new student and ensures new students will be up-to-speed, relaxed and comfortable when entering the group class.  The perfect way to begin your adventure.     


Q. What happens on my first visit?

A. Your first visit is a friendly way to learn more about our programs and discover what we can do for you. You'll start with a tour and a chat. If you're comfortable you'll begin a private lesson.  Be sure to wear lose fitting clothes and bring a bottle of water. 




    If our Form is not showing, your current browser is no longer up to date.   Please update your browser and reload or call us directly at 317-241-KICK and we'll happily schedule you!